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  • okay.

    just gonna through a comfy rec your way:


    Let me know if i need to make another rec
    I'll give you hinamatsuri if you've not seen it yet, or Youjo Senki if you have.
    Alrighty then. I'll toss Kyoukai no Kanata if you haven't seen it yet. If you have, then try out Jormungand instead.

    As for me, just throw out a few names that you think might not be as popular and if I haven't seen them I'll give them a go. MAL still has some of its parts down apparently so I can't change my list to not be private.
    howdy looks like you're my partner for the acc. any genre i should steer clear of in my recommendation to you? as for me, just about anything is open. anything on my currently watching list is fair game, unless you can think of something else you'd like to recommend. the only real limitation is i don't want to watch anything that's currently airing. and here's my list https://myanimelist.net/animelist/alvmonster
    Oh, well that's quite alright. I was just a bit confused by it is all. Don't let it bother you. ^ ^
    Oh yeah kick me out sorry I stopped participating in it a long time ago. Sorry about that.
    Eh, yes... I'm aware of that, pretty sure I'll be okay. Who are you again... and why are you doing the GMs job?
    Aww thanks. Nonon is my fave of the Elite Four and just one of my fave KLK characters in general. I'm so sad Team Callie didn't win the last Splatfest... :pink_frown:
    haha enjoy your lil vacation. DR from what I heard is fun^^ probbaly suffering through hot weather xP isn't august 1st tomorrow lol
    Forgot to say to everyone Merry Christmas, although that was mostly because I felt very, VERY tired yesterday. Also, my mom using the computer.
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