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Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
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  • oh my goodness I really need to look at Fire Emblem Echo's! Its been released here for 5 days but i have no idea whether its worth it or not or what its about haha. And yesssss Season 7 is off to a great start btws hehe
    it was just filler! Im glad chibi is coming back though i need something to hold me over lol
    Yeah I enjoyed that god exposition episode way more than WoR even though it was basically a glorified WoR. IMO it would be great if in Volume 5 they did something like Ozpin telling Oscar about whatever the WoR is about and Oscar asking questions that viewers are likely to get from watching. Having Qrow (and I think before that it was Salem) dump exposition on us feels pretty weird, especially since some of that also gets repeated and explained again in the actual show for those who don't watch WoR, which makes you wonder what's the point.
    trueeee. But poor ren i feel sorry for him eventhough im not a big fan of him haha.
    of course they lacked to show weiss in the episode so fineeeeeeeeeee
    Yeah I really dislike how they just forgot about Winter after her debut in Volume 3. We didn't even see her protect people from the Grimm attack. I don't think we will see Cinder though, unless it's some cliffhanger about her recovery and going back into action, but I don't think they will heal her just yet.

    And yea I was so hyped to see the new villains in action after the first episode but so far we have only seen Tyrian fight (though both of his fights were really good), and we have seen Hazel for a bit establishing what has already been established in the first episode; he is a tough guy who doesn't let anything stand in his way, and that has a history with Ozpin which was kind of obvious. I really loved the villain scenes in Volumes 2 and 3 and I'm really kind of sad there weren't any good ones in Volume 4.
    I didn't like how slow it started at first, but now it's okay. I loved all the fight scenes we got so far, really showing off how greatly the animation has improved. And yeah it's nice that Ren and Nora finally get their backstory shown, and with the next 2 episodes they will probably get some more character development too. I really hated that cliffhanger at the end of the last episode though, it just makes me way too excited for the next episode xP, but at least we know a completely mindblowingly awesome fight is just around the corner, probably.

    Volume 3 was my favorite so far too. It had tons of fights, really improved animation and a lot of plot twists and reveals that made it so exciting to watch. I don't like how in Volume 4 Cinder, Mercury and Emerald just instantly lost their entire villain status, and seem to be completely replaced by villains that really haven't done anything so far and most likely won't do anything else this volume.
    lol all we get is one with hardly any actual dialog except for a long screach as his tail his chopped off xD
    omg she needs to be there and ugh not another world of remnanttttttttttttttttt
    i wanna try it now haha. And wow that is cheap
    lol true or yknow there could be no more world of remnants and just new eps hehe. Omg right i hope she comes home furious! lol i ship it too so most fans are dying haha
    yeah i really wanna see more of this council type group haha especially cinder and salem plus that orb haha
    lol i wouldnt even know how to do that. Well i could but yknow workkkkkk haha. That looks super cool tho. awhhh that sucks (white rose hidden messages lol)
    imma start looking into transfer papers more often now and see what magic i can work with them hehe
    Qrows doomed we all know that haha. Omg i cant wait to see what happens with Weiss' knight like perhaps he will escort her out? OOOOO its gonna be so good! And yeah poor Yang eventhough im not a fan of her im still secretely rooting for her to get out of her house. What happened with Ren was expected cause of the last story so I cant really wait to see what we learn about him and Nora. Currently however Im probably invested the most in blake and weiss' stories.
    lol yeah
    awhhhhhh. How'd you make it? Thats really cool tbh cooler than ordering it at the rooster teeth store haha.
    and ugh that new episode. They're trying to kill me with suspense i swear
    just a little lol
    Im just dying over here and everyone at rooster teeth is just like laughing haha
    And omg i got a Weiss shirt, a weiss beanie, and rwby slapbands!
    LOL probably
    yeah it was but i must say since ive gotten over pyrrha's death its been fun torturing the people I watch it with with arkos references haha.
    Omg that new episode was completeeeeee cliffhanger :O
    soooo crueellllllll
    yeah I mean i doubt he will die or perhaps itll be a slow death across multiple seasons knowing rooster teeth lol Omg pyrrha's death is like my friends ultimate trigger cause she shipped arkos haha. And ugh penny i love pennnnnny. She better return i mean its unlikely but hopefully haha
    issssssssss it sundddayyyyy yetttt? im like dying over here for a new episode and rooster teeth is just watching from the sidelines as the weiss fans scream in pain lol
    i just really hope he doesnt die. Cause you just know he'll play it like its just a scratch and no one on ther team will realize theres freaking poison :o
    lol well dang it i just missed christmas haha
    omg same. and just ughhhhhh i hope she kills someone next episode haha and poor qrow!
    yeah i think id have to get something custom made haha

    ughghdfshghfdgh i gotta watch it haha

    which is fine but even the hasbro adaptations of sunset are just so not prettttty. Plus im a fan of her as a equestria girl and theres obv no plushes of that but there are figures just once again not that nice looking haha
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