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Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
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  • omg i cant wait to watch the new ep i gotta see what happenssss

    i should haha i probs will if i find like a necklace i like but finding sunset stuff is so hard :o
    And yep merry christmas :D
    Shes making a list, she's checking it twice - she hopes December 25th is awfully nice - so pass on the kindness to everyone you see! This is a positivity chain - spread to as many usernames as I see.

    Make sure to wish everybody a happy holiday this year in your life as you never know what your kind words will do for someone.
    stalkerrrrrrrrrrr probs haha
    rwby cracks haha like edits made for fun hehe
    OMG LEMME SEE. I really want some mlp merch now haha
    LIKE SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE. Like theres so many people tho
    yeah I loved weiss in it so much. did you watch any cracks?
    I was dying lol

    But I watched it last night and omg qrow yessss. I can't wait to see how they know each other but wow that dude is powerful :o
    lol yeah
    omg dont spoil! I kinda dont have internet regularly for like a week so i cant even watch it haha
    some lion or tiger probs haha
    true although white rose is probs the strongesst ship haha. And right? Just puns. Like SO MANY PUNS
    yeah I like her but omg her father xD
    I do and don't. I'm mostly indifferent about it cause I dont really see Blake interested in guys haha
    right? Did you watch last nights like that was so fast and over like ughghhhghghh. I gotta say its funny how i love the two richest characters in the show xD
    Really cant wait to see what happens now like plzzzzzzzzzz
    ikr? thats what i get for starting at volume 3 xD
    Omg yes. I think thatll happen at the end of volume 4 and then 5 will just be great and action packed like yesssss
    They are always slow but they're definately extending this release with all their world of revenant stuff. I dont love the volume as much as the others but its a transition volume from fighting and losing/winning? to "normal times". Volume 5 will be amazing tho but we will get alot of info during 4 :3
    ikr? I love her and awhhhh blake is my second fav :3
    It was greattttt. I had to catch up but now im just slowly waiting for the next episode in volume 4
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