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Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
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  • Soooooo life? xD also sorry for not responding i kinda lost track of my vms :/
    (I hate it when it refreshes them as you click profile :o)
    Haha i guess thats true renting places can be expensive here but they make it expensive enough to make a huge profit out of it ahah
    Ya well that was like 2 weeks ago and i had to work straight through lol plus projects and stuff
    Awhh cool wish i could go one day haah and omg posters i love them so much cause they looks so cool but theyve invaded my walls xD i think i just wanna have my walls painted with some sort of design that represents cool stuff haha
    Haha its okay i too went on a hiatus till like yesterday, Im doing pretty great haha except for like school and all it just wont seem to end! Hbu?
    Aw thanks!
    For us its March 31st which i guess is later than march i mean comeon just make it april haha
    haha maybe idk we'll see

    lol just a bit xD

    omg did you see the last mlp episode i think my mouth froze open lol
    3.99 each so im guessing itd be the same


    omg lol that is amazing love it
    ew ios ew get that crap outa here

    Yes we are gonna have a pretty hot day this wednesday so be sure to get packed up for the beach and buy some sunscreen!
    omg were are these how much are they?

    OMG NO
    its funny my friend wore a shirt with that today kinda looked like this
    they have digital copies? what do they not have?

    AD DETECTED *presses kill buttom*
    i didnt even realize that till a second ago xD

    *buys out all the comics* well expensive doenst mean i shouldnt try them :P

    lol i should probably use them but most my ads are stuff on amazon and i actually find good things sometimes xD
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