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  • Hi, hope all is well! I had some of the best pvp memories playing XY battles with you.
    That's fine! The off-day for my event is Wednesday (and a partial off-day for an "education game" that the school children get to go to but isn't in our packages; I believe that's Monday or Tuesday), and we have two games each day from Thursday through Saturday (which has the earliest and also the latest start, long day), so it'll be best to catch me on Sunday next week in that case. :)
    FS is Friend Safari.

    Wednesday is the day I plan to seek out challengers. It's a busy week. After this week, I'm more available again.
    I've been freezing my activity until my laptop returns. All I'm doing ATM is FS hunting, and I'm actually almost done that Dex. :)

    I'm also trying to get my newest member prepped, but my time management stinks ATM. {XD}
    Blueboi you can get in a day or two, he's around often. Lobrix you may have to wait a day or two - and MegaSeeker unfortunately doesn't come around PC much anymore :U So if you'd like, after 3 days or so you can pick someone who's around (Me, Zekrom, TGM, BlueBoi, or someone else on the 3DS division) if they'll sub his gym for you.
    Oo nice - which two leaders? I have a few of their numbers / skype names, I should be able to contact a few of them to make sure they show up :3
    Nah you're good :3 Just start challenging gym teams and good luck ^^ The only thing you need confirmation for is battle results, which if you're doing on Showdown, you can post links to.
    It actually censored both Fvck Yeah and F*ck Yeah - so I had to put two *'s instead of one - but it still works :D F**k Yeah! the seaking is yours heheh
    Alrighty, and um - emolga :D I don't have one of those yet, so lets do that. I'm still online if you're free now
    Hey it's no trouble at all, don't even worry about giving me anything in exchange. :P Just knowing that someone is actually using a Seaking is enough for me. What do you want me to nickname it?
    That'd be fun! I'll probably be up late, so if I see you online later we can definitely battle. I'm from the UK, Northern Ireland to be exact; where are you from?
    Absolutely! Could you nickname Pinsir Hanna, please? Give me a few minutes, and I'll be ready to trade.
    That's incredibly kind of you! I'm willing to trade if you are; I can send you one of my 5 IV adamant Super Luck Absol in return if you'd like? My Friend Code is 1934-1011-3898 and my in-game name is Carrie. Thank you!
    Hey, I saw your post in the Quick Trade thread. I have a hidden ability Aerodactyl I'd be willing to trade if you're still looking for one? I can't guarantee any perfect IVs, but if you want a specific nature I can probably do that. Hope to hear from you soon!
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