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  • Hey;

    Just checking for Guilds of Atria, my friend and I were going to sign-up with separate sibling characters for one slot. You think it's cool, w/ what you have, to have two players co-operating? The girls are pretty much docked at the hip whether they like it or not and pal-o and I didn't want to try and game, like, 2/5 places.
    TCG Tournament time! I'm GMT-4 and available evenings and weekends. Just message me when you can do!
    Can't give an actual ETA, since it'll mostly be up to Colony, but the OP is complete, and I'd be more than happy to send it to you so you can check it out and see if you have any changes to Dom you'd like to make, or if you can think up an entirely new character.

    For games, I don't actually play many multiplayer ones. xD I mostly play Terraria and Toukiden Kiwami right now. I have a ton of single player games, though, and I'm running through Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the second time with a team of Royal Knights (and eventually a third with maybe a Dianamon solo run).

    Pets were always dogs, and in one instance cats. Mostly dogs, though. I took a lot of pictures of the ones I took care of, because they were so cute. >_>
    Games. Got a Vita, played a ton of games, freelance petsitting.

    Colony's also feeling confident enough to bring sexy Vale back, and I wondered if you were still interested. There are going to be plenty of changes to make it worth the look. :3

    How've things been treating you?
    I made a point of asking everyone I knew for books one Christmas as a kid, that's how mine got started lol. Now I have my own income though I'm determined to collect the entire series and then power read it.
    This series was my life in primary school and early middle school.
    I'm actually in the process of finishing the collection of books I started as a kid xD
    I'm sure she'd be okay with that. She's letting me do a gym battle post from my NPCs perspective.
    I always love your characters, they always really unique and interesting and more often than not hilarious. Although a big part of that is also your ability to portray them.
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