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  • Sorry I never did send them I took a break or stopped making the game I'm planing to pick it back up with version 19 so I might start getting through the game and story again
    Hey! Saw your message. Glad you're doing well, it really has been a bit ^^
    Well, that's okay, they weren't seeing much traffic, were they? I'll probably still be around here.
    At the very bottom of each page you'll see a style selector drop down menu. :3 The one you're on should be called 'PokéCommunity Default'!
    You mean the updated UI for supporters only? Currently we only have the existing theme, but more are in the works. If you dislike it, maybe one of the older UI themes would be okay for now, until we can get those new ones finished? =o
    thank you, I try. my profile is pretty old though lol

    it took me a bit to figure out you were the same person on the otaku plaza LMFAO, sorry for not responding.
    not priority atm, we have way way too much stuff to do :< but i'll bring it up for later!
    supporters don't have bars anymore btw, we switched to badges....so you should have a little badge with a star on it near your name if you're a supporter =) on profiles it shows as text
    you didn't put in the right link for the picture....the url you put in is from googleusercontent.com haha :<
    you need to grab the right url, ending in .jpg/.png/.gif! imgur works just fine, but your link isn't imgur
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