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  • aaa i understand, it can be a lot to take in at once ; ; but i can answer questions anytime, and if you're not into the new UI there's no need to use it for now! doesn't seem like it will be ready to release for a while, haha
    fixed for you :> it's this option in the edit your details page:

    You had it set to spacer, which means the profile picture will be left blank and instead show as empty space. Nice for people who want their profile background designs to be more visible haha.
    i saw ur freelancer thread i wanted to ask if i can get u on my team for Pokemon Chosen Ones i have a developing thread a discord and twitter which u can find most of the info on and links ur mapping seems really amazing
    If you've actually resized the image(s) properly and saved/exported/whatever too, I can't say much more than that. Maybe it's something in the hacking/mapping software?
    Not /that/ long, just like 2 months, lol. I'm doing better after my moms accident and all that.
    I can probably look here sometime tomorrow, I'm just heading to bed because I open the store tomorrow so I have to be up bright and early :(
    Kinda secret but you'll probably see it in the next few months for sure ;)
    It's with Virgin Mobile.

    Besides school and work though I've been working on a programming project of my own, and I've been working on the story for a game dev project that I'm in the conceptualization stages of.
    I'm selling phones now. Much more knowledgeable in that area.
    Started a new job earlier this month and I'm getting ready for school at the end of August. Been very busy times!
    Yep. By a thread. I feel like one last thread is stopping me from completely leaving.

    I think a lot of them went to Bulbagarden. Not sure, but I wish you the best of luck trying to find them.
    And, if you ever struggle to find me, I'm on twitter. My username is the same as my username here. ^^

    Oooh and glad to hear that you've been good.
    I'm good too, the last few years have been very busy, but it's been good. How about you?
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