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  • I feel like her sound has gotten much weirder than before. Drake's new album is at least a bit tolerable, but then again I haven't been as exposed to him in the past.
    The only album I have been notably pissed at this year is probably Lemonade by Beyonce. I have never been that huge into her and I feel she's very overrated.
    yeah black flame is a standard for all my ds1 characters lol its so overpowered
    i did a dark magic caster in ds1 once
    that character could oneshot literally anyone
    but that got boring real fast
    yeah, but when you know how to use your weapon, and know how all the other weapons work, it gets pretty easy to work around that
    yeah i have like 400 hours on one character in ds2, like 80% of which is literally nothing but pvp
    rank3 blue sentinel and rank2 blood

    i like to think im ok a pvp
    i never really used halberds much so i don't know their movesets, i've always been more of a greatswords girl myself
    maaan i got good with the bone fist real quick, definitely one of my favourites
    that and the red iron winblade
    but nowadays i mostly stick with heide sword
    okay now those two things we can agree on
    how can they just give us his spear and no armour ;-;
    why would you want to cosplay Ornstein over Artorias or Gough?
    greatbow master is obviously superior
    why would i join a covenant whose literally only benefit is two mediocre miracles lmao
    path of the dragon best covenant
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