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  • Welp... I just made a Neon Genesis Evangellion Reference in my most recent chapter... it's all downhill from here. /Joke.

    ...(to be fair, my fanfiction is full of these meta references tho, at least one a chapter).
    This new format is going to take some getting used to.

    You picked a good thing to reference though.
    Yeah, it definitely will. I do miss how it used to be but commenting directly isn't so bad.

    It was a fun reference to make. Maybe at some point I'll draw Siorc as an eva pilot.
    Sounds like fun.
    I've been doing this two years now on a weekly basis, so it adds up.

    Hmm...history, maybe? I haven't been in school in eight years.
    I mean, it is over a million words split between multiple books.

    I don't know how long text books are, but still.
    Enough to probably write an entire textbook, two even.

    I have been doing a bit of tiny song lyrics for my project sekai stuff, but if I were to do another entire fanfiction, I don't have it in me unless it's vignettes. I mean, I could try, but I think writing more than one fanfiction at the same time would be overwork...because I have to plan everything in advance.
    Just drew all 49 possible combinations. So, no, haven't written anything, just drew up the concept art.

    So, no, not technically. I just have ideas for an au.

    I'm currently working on my Project Sekai au. But, one day, I'll do like lore stuff for my HSR au, but not a whole fanfiction. I don't have the energy to balance my Genshin verse and my others.
    I'm angry Honkai Star Rail has a character named Robin that might be playable someday.

    I'm going to have to have my Robin go by a code name in his hsr counterpart.
    Yeah. x_x Wishful thinking. I even tried turning images off once. Didn't help and I still had problems. So, I just deal with it. Which sometimes leads to unfortunate stuff like losing shit that doesn't autosave. Ie: an entire post
    My computer is old. =/

    So, it doesn't function all that well.
    It can't handle a lot of graphics at the same time.

    I'll be updating my oc thread on Thursday with my entire set of Fontaine ocs (ocs 79-90) & eventually the last 10 beyond that, but I don't know if I'll be able to.
    Speaking of that, I really should work on updating some things in my oc thread.... but page unresponsive hell makes that too difficult sometimes.
    It's around 3.6k, and isn't nearly as long as my usual stuff (which average above 10k).
    I released a short story about making rabbit mochi, if you're interested. It's a standalone, and is in the chimera Genshin verse, but isn't Siorc related.

    I hope I get one comment or something, aha. From someone.
    Next week, they're adding new spots in Fontaine, so I imagine whenever you get back to playing, you'll have a lot to explore.
    Yeah, in Elynas there's a whole ton.

    I seem to be very good at predicting things.
    I guess I wrote Elynas before it existed even though I got some of the geography wrong.
    I guess he's not.

    Also, there's pink trees in Fontaine! I can't believe I speculated that so early last year and it was actually true!
    It was a lot of fun, he didn't know what an elevator was, and called it a "glass room".
    I'm very excited to write Siorc being shell shocked by technology.

    And still not knowing what the heck a watch is!
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