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  • Still need that Wynaut? What time are you available Thursday Sept. 6? I'll stick it in the breeding center with my permanent resident Ditto this evening and see what comes from it. Will need a friend code as well. Mine is in my sig. (the last one listed, Black).
    Liking that. :) Pikachu and Zorua will be two main components of my store, so getting one Raichu would be wonderful to save me a Thunder Stone (I'm sure something else needs one to evolve as well, and I already used one to get Eelektross).

    What do you have that is foreign completely to Unova in B/W? I'm trying to collect some foreign ones to give me some trading material. Sinnoh starters are out of this equation, I have two games and will be trying to swap three starters into each game; Johto starters I hope to meet this as well once two get traded into SS; other starters are welcome with exception to a deal I have going for a Mudkip. I also wouldn't mind a Raichu, or at least a Picku if I can come up with Pikachu's evolutionary stone. This is just a sampler; anything in the foreign category can qualify here.
    Thursday works better too...the weather today has become rather...well, wet. And I hate driving in this weather.

    I am thinking I'm better off breeding Wynaut looking for nature; I know from breeding Zoruas that it's completely random, and the moves will be catch moves; I haven't seen many natures even on those Zoruas yet. If you're willing to accept a bred baby (hatched), I can pretty much guarantee you'll see one of your chosen nature at some point (and you can level it up quickly with the "Lucky Egg and Swap" strategy fighting Audinos on Route 11, getting above 25 in just one battle). If I go to catch random ones, I can't guarantee nature or moves. Which is more important? :)
    I have two people already lined up for trades today, so I would be trying too hard to get you added in today. If I were to add you today, thoughn, would you be able? I have to do a little breeding this morning and can throw in a Wynaut. A foreign breed would give me some excellent breeding/trading material (one trade includes a foreign starter).

    For me, Exeggcute was hard to get. I finally got it however after 45 minutes of soft resets.
    Has anyone offered on the Wynaut yet? I ask because if you're in the post-E4 they are available to you on Route 2 - again, only after beating the E4, and only when the bulletin board notifies of a swarm there. Level is an easy fix; grab a Lv.51 or Lv.52 Pokémon, a Quick Ball, and a few Repels (to be safe), and the rest is elementary unless it doesn't go in the ball (in which case bring out something with False Swipe and, uh, encourage it to go in the next ball). ;)

    If nothing else, I can try to catch one for you. Do you have anything not currently available in Black or White? I'm on a Pokédex completion mission. White Forest exclusives will also suffice if you have them. If you play Black, meanwhile, we won't worry too much about it as I have everything there.
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