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  • Oooh yeah, that's a tough one. For years it was Mudkip, but now I think it's Flareflare <3

    I need to update my PC profile tho :3

    Thanks btw :3 That trailer for Prism nearly killed me but it was worth it. We're probably going to hit 1 million views soon. It's crazy, we never expected anything more than 10,000.
    No worries, it is always just "stuff". I am excited to start again with it though, and fortunate enough that I can.
    That's how I feel right now. Hacking can get pretty annoying with all the little glitches and errors that come out nowhere, making even the simplest things such a pain. Maybe I'm just tired and later on I'll change my mind. But if I ever hack again, I'll never hack Emerald. It's an awful ROM for hacking, IMO.
    Hai, how are you doing? ^-^
    Want to battle for the World of PC Winter GT Showdown some time? c:
    Not by any amount that would be useful, unless you want to rewrite half of the game engine lol.

    The Gen 1 and 2 games only use 1 byte to store Pokémon IDs, which would give a max of 256 slots. However, slot 00 and FF can't be used, since those are used to mark the ends of certain lists that contain Pokémon IDs, bringing it down to 254 total IDs. In addition to that, the Egg takes up an ID slot as well, making it a total of 253 usable IDs. And since there are already 251 Pokémon, that means even if you go to the trouble of repointing data to make room for the new entries, you can only add 2 more Pokémon without replacing anything.

    If you want more than that, you will have to:

    1) Learn ASM
    2) Track down every routine in the game that deals with Pokémon IDs
    3) Rewrite it to handle 2 bytes for the ID instead of 1 (probably not as simple as it might sound even once you found them)
    4) Update all the data containing Pokemon IDs to use 2 bytes instead of one, such as Trainer teams, wild Pokemon, givepokemon scripts, etc.

    Basically, the long and the short of it is if you want more than 251 Pokémon, you're way better off using Gen 3 than Gen 1 or 2 right now.
    Thanks so much for the like and......
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