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  • Hi giradialkia so I have heard your username somewhere before if u dont mind can u tell me how did u get your username idea
    Hi, I have no idea where you've heard it, but I came up with my username about 15 years ago! I learned that the Pokémon Adventures manga had a fusion of Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno: "Zapmolcuno"

    I liked the idea so much that I applied it to the Sinnoh legendary trio, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia: "Giradialkia".

    As for where you've heard it, I've been a member here a long time, and I've done some music for some (now very popular) ROM hacks and the creators credited me, so.. maybe there!
    Hello? I am trying to login to my account here and having problems. idk if I am logging in to the right account or if you would even remember who I am.
    Hey Marc (I figure…? Fireworks, Scotland.. 😂)! Yeah there was a site-wide update a little while back, it forced everyone to do a password-reset. It took me a while to reset my password, as I couldn't find the email address this account was linked to for quite some time… Got there eventually. Maybe you used a different email addy for your Fireworks account?
    wait no way is that mr giradalka that one guy who makes the good doot doots???
    Hey Giradialkia, I am back again. How are things going for you? My friend, Masterquest mq is going to release a new game soon. Hoping you might play it.
    I approved your thread but changed the title to be more accurate. Its now 'go away you meanie pls thnx u'.

    Hope that helps!
    You were the composer of Pokemon Dark Violet, is not it? you'll be happy to know that a fan called hacksrepairman managed to finish it, in case you wanted to know, that's why the thread has been re-opened
    I did not hit her I did noooooot!

    Mine is @MarcC5M, it's private so you won't see my follow
    Yo, what's your twitter again? I made a new one forever ago and never refollowed you haha
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