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  • If you want a challenge, I suppose Ghost would be fairly hard.I'd love to try a D/P Monotype Challenge, but I only have Pearl, and I've had this save file for 2 years, so there's no way I'm restarting this one. I don't think I'll be finished my R/S/E challenge for a while, I'm fairly slow at these sort of things!
    Yeah, but he's still a Swampert at the moment! I love Mudkip. I have a Pelliper and a Lombre too. It's really easy, because there are so many water types with duel types. What's your team in LG?
    I started a monotype challenge for myself, but making one on the boards is a pretty good idea! I might just do that. I started a water type one yesterday, and I already have 4 badges! What type are you using on your LG one?
    I watched Wall E. 'Twas good. xD I want to take part in a R/S monotype challenge, but there are none around, and I can't be bothered setting one for myself. xD
    We were told to study for our summer tests, but they don't really matter, so everybody will start about a week before hand! You post such long comments, I never have enough to say so mine are always short. sorry. xD I picked CrazyCubone because he's my favourite Pokemon for now, but that will change soon! xD I don't know why I picked crazy... I suppose I like alliteration. I'm not very crazy at all.
    I never had the patients to wait for an improved version of any of the games. I've never played a ROM. I don't even know what a ROM is. xD Yeah, it's from Asia, but it's in English, oddly enough. I think it's the same as the ones that were sold in America, only bought in Asia.
    Nah, I'm not gonna buy it. I was so excited about D/P that my auntie sent it to me from Singapore a few months before the European release date, but I don't see the point in having 2 games almost exactly the same. I've never owned more than one game per generation (excluding Gen 3, I had Sapphire and FireRed). How about you, are you gonna buy it?
    I remember last year my friends said to me "How come you're not doing Business?" and now they're saying "You were so smart not to do Business." xD I'm hopeless at pixel art. I can drag around images to make trainer cards and the likes, and that's it. xD I don't do Music, I don't play any instruments. I used to play violin for a year, and all I could barely scrape out of the violin was Twinkle Twinkle. xD About a year ago I started to teach myself guitar, because I couldn't afford lessons, but that went horribly wrong. xD So now I'm saving up for lessons!
    I do Tech Graph as well, I used to like it, but now it's hard and I keep messing up. >_< I'm not very good at Art, but I really love it! xD
    I've got a legit Manaphy. He's level 5. His name is Fred. He's really not impressive. xD I love Science and Maths, but I've got a really bad Maths teacher. I like Art as well. How about you?
    Yeah, I have 87 hours on Pearl, I tried to beat the League and couldn't. xD Yup, 2 weeks off, I'm so happy. =)
    Yeah, when I was about 8 I finished Blue with a Blastoise. It was the only time ever defeated the Elite 4! I normally just train a load of Pokemon and not bother with the E4.
    Well, I lost my Blue and Gold, but I'm still playing Sapphire, FireRed, Pearl, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1+2. I have Pokemon Ranger, but I don't play that much. How about you?
    Nah, Pokémon became unacceptable a good while ago with the people I know. I'm not really enjoying 1st year, to be honest, I'm not the most sociable being ever.
    I tell my close friends that I play the game. I sometimes watch some of the earlier episodes online, but I tell nobody that.
    I used to watch Pokemon when I was really small until RTE stopped showing it, and I've been playing the games since I was about 3 or 4.
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