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  • Hey Glaceon. Don't know if you remember me but I used to be a regular here a few years ago. I have decided to return from the wilderness and I'm glad to see some old faces still around! How are you? x
    I do singles, mostly. I tend not to be bothered to make sets tailored for double battling. Have you tried triple battles?
    Oh snap! Look who's back!
    Happy Birthday! I just can't believe you're already 24. :o It's just amazing how quickly the time goes by. xD Otherwise I could have missed it.

    Anyways, how've ya been? ^^
    Apart from my lack of sleep during the weekends, I realized that both of my laptops have a problem with the CD-ROM drive not reading the script on the autorun.inf file, so I've taken in my newer laptop to see if someone at Multicom could fix it. Unfortunately they couldn't exactly find a way to fixing it. So they're going to try a repair installation to fix it, if it doesn't work... then they could end up doing a custom clean installation (which will wipe out the whole hard drive). :o It was only yesterday I noticed that the older laptop that I'm using right now has the same problem. If only if someone was able to find out what causes it and where it's affected, then anyone would be able to fix the problem. ;)
    "Will the snow ever stay?" Don't we wish it could? xD

    To be honest, I haven't ever been a snow covered place before. Because in Australia, it doesn't have glaciers. xD The only places that do get snow in winter here (which is when it's summer in the northern hemesphere) in Australia is the mountains. Like here in Victoria for instance has places like Mt. Hotham and Falls Creek. However, I live in an area where it doesn't get snow, only rains alot (and sometimes hails) in winter, which is a place called Warrnambool.
    Been alright, although I haven't been online during the week due to a course I'm doing at TAFE (which stands for Technical And Further Education). I usually use my laptops on Friday to Sunday (and all week if it's hollidays, which does cause me to end up sleeping during the day and awake during the night xD), 'cause when I do go on the laptop, I tend to end up staying up all night (which did happen alot last year and the year before). xD Which of course I have learned to avoid staying up all night on the days I go to TAFE by not using the laptops or playing video games on those days. ^^
    I've been doing fairly well, what about you? xD I wanted to get the chance to speak to you again, cause of course it's been forever.
    Sorry for me doing that. I agreed with you but the way you said it made me think that. Sorry for being rude.
    Sorry but that's the impression I got. It sounded like you worshiped Nintendo and it seemed like you bashed the others because they weren't Nintendo.
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