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  • You could have put them on the Personality, but i guess that's okay. The IC is not Up so you have to wait until there is enough to open the IC.
    Well, the thing is that your character is a bit perfect. Add some negative quirks and you are good to go.
    It's a little bit better. But what are the quirks of your character? Also, you can't double post FYI.
    Ah, hello, hello. I'm not the GM there, I'm just a player.

    The thing is though, you need to stop picking hard-level battles that you can't fight in yet. You need to improve on your characters, your writing content, and the sense of reading the rules and the rp thread. There's rules you have to follow, read it. The thread isn't just a simple adventure game rp, read it. No, you can't join in dead rps. Don't just randomly jump in until you confirm that the rp is active and if it is, try signing up. If you get rejected, and the GM tells you what you lack, improve.

    You're persistent, which I respect and give you a grade A but you have got to stop, take a break and learn. Go to the roleplay guide threads. Most GMs here wants an roleplayer with decent rp skills and yours is all over the place.
    I still can't accept you for now.

    Maybe you'll have better luck with other RPs?
    Welcome to the forums, first of all! <33 Anyway, on to your question:

    For one thing, you haven't read the rules of the board, or the RP guidelines. You posted in the RP before signing up, which not following the rules doesn't exactly make you trustworthy to me and the other RPers. Also, you tried signing up with a birthmark that's already been taken, so there's that too.

    There's also no real 'substance' to your character. He's kind of like a Gary Stu; he doesn't have any "real flaws" as all it is is just, he gets shy and heartbroken. There's no real meaning on why he's afraid of heights, as... there's no heights in this RP.

    Anywho, those were the problems. Hope it helps you out~ <33
    Sorry, but I do all of the scripting myself. If I need help I'll let you know.
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