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  • No problem! Your response wasn't too late anyway, plus I can understand being busy :/
    Hey, I saw you replied on my hello thread when I joined way back in June. I thought I'd get notifications, but I was wrong lol. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi :D
    Golden, I have failed you as a playground partner. I hope that one day, in the far future, you will forgive me for the shame i have brought upon this dream team.
    until then, I will meditate and find the weaknesses in my own heart.
    Ah, that's cool. & haha thank you again, and you of course can learn anytime to do something like so, I'd just self-taught myself by just experimenting lol
    Haha thank you very much! Yup, I'd made it (it's more like an edit but I still made it myself) ^^, your Altaria Avatar is pretty sick if I say so myself
    Oh hello! No need to be sorry. I welcome random messages! :D And wow, our usernames are similar! xD Awesome. Whaaaaaaaat, flareon's your favourite?! That's awesome! Yes, they're my favourite too. c: Funny because I was GoldenFlareon on one site, but then stuck with 'gold' from then on, haha. Nice to meet you! ^v^
    I agree that Popplio is really adorable and doesn't deserve the hate. Not exactly going to steal my mascot crown from Oshawott, but Popplio definitely deserves the love.
    Thank you! My friend Candy made it for me a while back and I finally found a way to make good use of it :)

    You should let her know that you like it, I'm sure she'd love to hear it!
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