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  • I hoped Flareon was your favorite! I've actually never met anyone whose favorite Pokemon is Flareon before (or even anyone whose favorite Eeveelution was Flareon, for that matter). If you're familiar with the TCG at all, I think what really got me hooked on Flareon was that Jungle card back in the day; the art was absolutely amazing! Plus, I generally like Pokemon that are a mix of adorable and cool (hence why Flareon, Ampharos, and Altaria are my favorites). As a competitive battler, it can be difficult for me to find a use for my favorite fluffball, but rest assured, Flareon has won me battles from time to time (at least in non-Ubers matches :P).
    Hi! Sorry about the random message but I stumbled across your page because of your username (ours are very similar and Flareon is my absolute favorite Pokemon :P). Is Flareon your favorite, too?
    The early Sonic games aren't difficult to hack once you figure out how it's coded. Now hex is merely a reference, given just how much is being put into ASM.
    That is indeed the purpose.

    I am into ROM hacking, and am working on Blaze the Cat in Sonic 2.
    Maybe, or maybe not.

    I've met numerous people on the communities that I visited, so it's possible we do.
    Yes I am, except I'm hardly active there lol.. #whoops ;w; Nice to meet you, I totally recognize you as one of the most active posters on PXR <3
    Nevermind about the post below, because we've already introduced ourselves on AIM already. lol

    Anyways, I'm who was known as "Platinum Lucario" on PE2K.
    Hm... a Flareon lover, eh? Wow, it just reminds me of alot my friends that I know on xat.com.

    Anyways, my name's Davin. It's nice to meet you. ^^
    Over a year ago Dad changed internet plans forcing me to change my email address so I no longer have access to that account :/ Sorry.
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