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Goomy Gumi
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  • Agreed urgh. It's one of the renders I'm really wanting to use myself, too. but I have many renders I want to use and signatures are second priority for me, so rip. >.< Sorry for the late reply btw but I hope you're enjoying PC (=
    Hii Regine. <33 How's it goin? loving your theme btw (especially that signature 8D)
    omg thundaaa hi <3 everything's okay, just training my Mawile to lv. 100 and enjoying my night. Hope yours has been good so far as well!
    oh man I felt your pain once. I want to forget. Student Loans over here were a nightmare to deal with as well. I'm so glad that I don't have to even think about that process, at least for a while. I don't think I'll be doing any post-graduate courses for a while yet. What do you hope to study at university?
    Hello there. I'm surviving! Work is a bit of a drag, and by that I mean that my general time I used to have in a week has been absolutely crippled!

    What's going on with you these days? Anything exciting?
    Yeah, I'm a graphic and web designer; been doing these stuff on and off for about six years, haha.
    Wow, that's extremely pretty. Not too colorful, but not too dull, either; just perfect. Also like the sharpness, contrast, and brightness that you have there. ;o;
    Haha, you didn't? Who did? Ooh, you definitely should; I'm really looking forward to seeing them. :]
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