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  • that's a nice and cool shiny Mewtwo in your animated avatar.
    the green gives it the nice touch
    Niiice. c: I kind of left the underground myself.

    And, yeah. I've been playing a lot of games since I have my new PC now. c:
    Hey hey!

    Yeah it has haha. I've been kinda sick lately but, yeah, I've been doing well. c: How about you?
    Well, it's up to whomever gets those roles whether they use Skype or Discord. I personally prefer Skype, but I have both apps, so I can manage it as gm. You're also more likely to not get a role with a chat, though anyone could always be recruited by Grendel.

    The events I have planned aren't hugely activity based, if you're thinking of how I had that weird ass group treasure hunt map thing whatever it was in FDL, lol. Join if you want; I'll have to remove roles if more people don't join, anyways.
    It was pretty cool. Definitely a neat place to visit, but I still can't see why people would want to live in the middle of it, lol. Personally I think I'd hate to live there. Though, for college, I'll be living like a half hour away from it anyways, lol.

    As for LA, I've never left the east coast, so I've never been. I'd probably like to see it at some point, though.
    I've been pretty okay. Busy and whatnot, attempting to do things while being busy and being rather unsuccessful with it all, lol. I went to NYC the other weekend though for a class trip, and that was pretty neat.
    yeah, they are competing on even terms... but you can say ug is the antagonist coz it is SUPPORTER MAFIA after all :3
    well i have started sending out role pms, but if you have the time, you can always join in as a reserve :3
    Mafia on the internet is very different to irl, I'm finding. At least, I can't rely on my intuition so much, hahah. I assume you play it often and stuff? :3
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