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    No problem. It's something I'm getting to really enjoy anyways.
    Agreed. We all sorta come out from the cracks in the woodwork, as it were, when such a topic like yours crops up. Haha.

    Fair point. I've only really assigned maybe one or two menu options to hotkeys in my IDE, but in GIMP I've got one-key shortcuts for nearly every tool and multiple functions too.

    Aye, especially with the last few months I've been having. Had to work two major projects back-to-back at one stage, and signs on, one suffered for it. :/

    I enjoy that too. Sadly, in recent times for me, the problem solving has become a lot more complicated. :( OO programming wrecks my head at times. Would gladly prefer a more procedural style, and save the fancy OO'ing for when I'm making GUIs.

    Good on you! :) Me though, custom PC building isn't really my style. Got myself a new laptop a few months back anyway, so I'm good for at least two years now. Haha.
    Dawh, tahs!

    Aye, hotkeys make everything so much better! Though I use hotkeys more in art programs rather than compilers. Ooops. So nice to see that your programming thread is buzzing with activity, by the way. I tried something similar in another place before, with mixed results. Perhaps if I share more of my programming exploits it'd get activity booming in it.

    Though I'm on break from college for now, and would kinda like to take a week or two off from staring at code. Haha.
    Yesss, I can't believe I didn't mention the dungeons! The water temple was a bit of a pain for me with its confusing, maze-like layout but by my fifth playthrough I got the hang of it haha. The dungeons were all really unique and different to other Zelda games I've played (Skyward Sword has some great ones though c:), specifically the city in the sky and the Yeti's mansion. Thinking back on them gives me such a nostalgic feeling. n__n

    Yup-yup, loved the music! And I can't forget the enemies/bosses - the Bulblins/King Bulblin are my favourite! I'd spend hours in Hyrule Field on Epona slaying them in different ways. xD I agree with you, Hero Mode would have made it even better. :D

    Mhm! I chose Lanayru over Nayru because I prefer the sound of it I suppose, plus it's Twilight Princess. c:

    I gotta admit though, Zant, the Sacred Grove and the Twilight still scare me a little. xD I haven't played the game in a few years but back when I began my first file I remember being so scared of the Twilight birds that I couldn't get passed Kakariko Village. cx
    Yeah, I've played it many times! For years as well. c: I love the different turn it took, and the characters that are in it! Plus, the mechanics are probably the best I've come across. :D

    What do you like best about it? c:

    Don't worry. The pace is a bit slow, and because it's your first RP, I'm not going to pressure you too much, haha.
    sorry, i wont be tiebreaking it. I made a GM decision to kill you because a) i dont want to rewrite the post again and b) gunata is never real.
    gdi greenflame. i already made the post, then you had to make it a tie again =-= dont worry, youre dead.
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