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  • Hey, long time no text xD Dude I'm so happy for you that you have Project M! And I don't blame you for liking it more than Melee. Comparing all the characters and features they have Project M definitely wins. I still play Melee a lot more, even though I love all the characters and pure technicality of PM, I guess I'm just too used to Melee's speed that Project M throws me off just enough to suck at it xD

    Smash for Wii U is awesome! I wish I had more time to play it though, it's so much fun with friends, and it definitely has a lot more content over the 3Ds version.

    And yeah, Gamecube controller is the best. I'm so used to it that whenever I pick up my Wii U gamepad, my right pointer finger is slightly higher than my left pointer finger because I'm so used to Z being there xD.

    Can't wait for Mewtwo to be back, I'm gonna beast with him :3
    We'll have to Smash some more sometime! It's been too long.
    I made a Wario help thread on smashboards just a few days. I think it'd be a good idea post there so you can get help from others and not just me?
    Rain usually isn't a problem here, but sometimes in the spring and summer it'll get really heavy and dangerous. Tornadoes are a common thing to hear about during those seasons, and a tornado even hit my city about 9 years ago. The heat we have in the summer doesn't really matter to me, 'cause I'm inside a lot during the summer, so no sunburns to worry about. But, my family always takes a 10 day vacation every year, and I tell you, I cannot go there without getting sunburnt.
    And we don't have to deal with mosquitoes as much as you do. And, I'm upset now matter how cold it is, all cold is cold to me. The big problem is it never seems to rain in the summer here.
    Our summers have been really warm and dry the last couple years. Our summers aren't scorching hot or freezing cold, but no one is going to spend their summers in Iowa either. We very rarely have temperatures over 100F, but we often have long, heat waves with temperatures above 90F every day during them.
    No, don't need it anymore. I actually didn't give up on laziness this time when trying to edit a CSS sig
    Hi again. If you don't mind, could you give me the code to the template you gave me in the morning? I'm going to go with that but change a few things.
    Congrats on your Gold Supporter rank man! And Merry Christmas, hope yours went well. I'm personally having fun with my Link amiibo and Smash for Wii U x3
    Anytime, dude! Glad you won a prize. :) Thanks for participating.

    And it's coming. I'm working on Valve Time.
    Yeah, the blue italics do suit me, especially my many Oshawott avatars I have stored around. I got supporter when someone won it as a prize and then gave it to me as a birthday gift in 2012, so yeah I've become way used to the italics on my name.

    And one cool thing we supporters get is you now get even more options for profile customization. I tend to use the features a lot for something eye-catching that also fits me.
    I like friendly fire too, more realistic and it makes you more accurate in a real match. Did you want to add a time limit too? Or just stock?
    Done with my matchups, wanna do that team match now? :)

    Edit: Nevermind, my older sister is coming home for the holidays in an hour and I need to finish up some chores :p Maaaaybe we can do it tomorrow if my family isn't doing anything? Talk to you later man :)
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