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Greninja use Water Shuriken!
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  • yaya writing <3 I should write too, swear it's been like a year or more now lol. hope it's coming out to your liking ~
    Hey! Ah man, I've only been back on the forums myself for a few days, how've things been!

    I've been well, glad to hear you're still posting here after all this time. :)
    decent, been enjoying my time posting and playing video games \o/ how about you??
    I see you've had a nice convo with Lady.K.! I love kalos, in a way it might be my favorite region (due to Korrina), but i probably am peeved by the x and y anime overall (due to amourshipping). Though Korrina's episodes in x and y are still my all time favorite pokemon eps <3

    I hope that drama between me and that staff member gets resolved. I really do think they were cyber bullying me (when i pmed them back, too, they never responded to what i had to say. showing they are clearly trying to hide that they are at fault).

    But I have read online tonight, there there are no legal issues against 'under age' fictional crushes. So, if that staff tries to use my age against me when stating my attactration to fictional girls (korrina or otherwise) on other sites, they won't likely be listened to. I think that means i'll be safe to express myself more freely again soon on a certain other site I like a lot, too. :)
    Yeah, it was really good! It was cool that Ash could basically morph with a pokemon :3 i think korrinas lucario was really cool too (even though it was a little intense to me o_o) i love her X3
    I think PC forum is having MAJOR issues right now! :'( It won't let me re-add a mention of you to my sig...(i tried about 4 times now!)

    I didn't remove you on purpose, by the way. I edited my signature rushedly (so i didn't really read what was in it before).
    Well, so far pokemon xy is the only series ive finished. Ive seen shows from the older series and im keeping up with sun and moon but id have to admit, even if ive finished other series, xy is the best to me because i love the plot, the characters, and kalos (mainly because its based off of paris ;))
    Oh how nice! Dawn is very pretty and brock is hilarious! I havent seen much from either serues but from what i have seen, theyre very cool characters! And so is korrina 💖
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