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Greninja use Water Shuriken!
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  • i really like alola, but since heartgold was my first game, id probably have to say yes, haha
    Your fict is awesome so far!....the thought of giving korrina true love's kiss to wake her up makes me giggle X3; can't wait to read your next chapter with that added :)
    i only saw a few episodes of diamond and pearl but i did really like her, yeah!! shes really good in the games too
    Yes, she's an awesome person :D

    See ya. I'm going to the bathroom. I plan on reading a chapter or two of your fict after I go if my mom is still allowing me on here.
    I'm getting bored. No one has answered friend requests for me yet, and i've pretty much posted in every thread i was interested in. I may logout for awhile. Also, being on a new forum i'm not used to is a big change for me xD I feel overwelmed.

    If my mom doesn't need the computer anytime soon after I use the bathroom I may look at your fict :3
    Pokegirl might not, but the other two might. I'll defenetly give it a try when I log back in there :)

    Its good it'll be easy to help them along with this since I wasn't banned anyways.

    This forum is awesome, even if I haven't made any new friends yet. Just the fact that the staff might be nicer is a plus. Some staff members even have girly sounding names^^
    I feel like boycotting them, but I may still login sometimes to talk to some friends i have on there, like trappity (who is a girly girl and i'd like to get on here sometime), pokegirlfan (who likely isn't into any other forums), and Mega Altaria, who also like's cute things a lot. It's nice I didn't get banned along with mlpfangirl. I do have a dislike for the place now over how they treated her, though. So I do want to try to be on here more; even if it seem's you're my only friend here so far xD;
    I'll look soon. I'm not sure if my mom will need her computer or not. I'm not normally online at the time of day i'm on now :) Also, i'm trying to get used to this forum at the moment xD

    I plan on indeed reading it tonight when my mom and brother are watching american idol, though. I know I will also have lots of time to then too :3

    I bet its an amazing story. Plus, it has my darling korrina in it <3
    You mean a Korrina thread? I may do that, but i'll have to think what to say for the first post.

    Hopefully making a club for her on here will be easy enough too :)
    I made a return thread in the newbies board :3 feel free to post in it.

    I may not be online long. My mom might want the computer soon.

    I already made one new friend! His name is Red Ketchum. Being as I was an ASH fan girl when i used to go here in 2004, it only makes sense one of my new friends here would have a name themed on him ;3
    Hi pal! :3 I'm here now!

    This is gonna be so new for me xD So different than that other forum already. New people, new expiriences....gee, i hope its all good!
    Oooh, that's a tough choice. Lyra was cool, and I like Sapphire, but I think I have to go with Rosa
    Are there more than one? I watched the first series during the first two leagues (Indigo
    and Orange) and quit soon after Johto started, because, if you exclude the episodes
    with gym battles and leagues (which are very few), in all the other episodes, the same
    stuff happened every time: Team Rocket tried to steal pokemon, Ashes group stopped
    them, Team Rocket blasted off.
    I can't have a clear judgement about that, considering i have some twisted
    sexuality and i feel attracted to plenty of anime girls, including Casey, Dawn,
    Iris etc
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