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  • Hi! Things are generally good ^^ Trying to get by without blowing things up. Yourself?
    Hi i know this is too late but can you please do me a lil bit favor for once i want a save file for pokemon fire red rom v1.0 with this:
    Name: Prince
    Gender: Boy
    Trainers ID Number: 16000
    Rival: Blue
    Pokemon party:
    - Jolteon (Substitute , Baton pass , Thunder , Hidden power ice) (Leftovers)
    - Skarmory (Spikes , Whirlwind , Rest , Hidden Power) (Quick Claw)
    - Aggron (Substitute , Curse , Toxic , Hyperbeam) (Leftovers)
    - Blissey (Thunder Wave , Toxic , Ice Beam , Softboiled) (Leftovers)
    - Charizard (Sunny day , Solar Beam , will-o-wisp , Fire Blast) (Quick Claw)
    - Tyranitar (Blizzard , Hidden Power Ice , Ice Beam , Substitute) (Leftovers)
    - Gengar ( Hypnosis , Perish song , Mean look , Nightmare) (Leftovers)

    All shiny and max EV IV PP and everything thanks in advance if you do it give a lot of help for me a lot lot lot thanks and please grant this favor just please ??????
    Hi, again. It's been a while, but I've come to realize that I won't have time for participating in a second roleplay at this time. I'm sorry, but at the moment, I won't be joining Titans: Reborn.
    All right. School is a good reason for things to be moving slowly.

    I believe I do have a general idea of what kind of character to have. I won't have much trouble with the young man himself, personality and such, but I am still looking at how to make his usage of magic work.

    Basically, I want Adrian to be a spellcaster of some sort, where his spells are more or less anything he can think of. Ideas I have so far include five general tiers of difficulty for these spells, which can change for any one spell depending on certain factors. This might include Adrian's experience; whether he has a "trigger", a "casing", and "ammunition" (any one of these missing would increase difficulty); what kind of effect he intends to have; um... things like that.

    I also would like Adrian to have a familiar, both as part of his origin story and as part of his ability to cast spells at all. There's also the idea of a book with previous casters' ideas for spells that work, but then there's also the idea of a wand or scepter or something of the sort. I feel like having a familiar, book, and tool would be a little too much.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?
    Hi, Bidoof! This is Garet. I just wanted to express some interest in the Titans: Reborn roleplay, if you're still keeping it active. I'm also likely to contact you later on, when it comes to the superpower in the SU. So...hi!
    Pretty sure we haven't. I just joined back in June and only became active a few weeks ago. Perhaps you've seen my name elsewhere? Though I only made accounts on YouTube and Twitter I don't use, haha. Maybe it's just the "ionia" part that seems familiar. :pink_smile:
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