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  • Hello, looks like you and I have been paired in the Matchmaker's Event! So anyways, I'm Pikakitten, most of my bio is on this post, mainly because my profile's bio is Skull Kids xD
    So we should probably get to know each other better in the Valentine's Day Chat Thread and then maybe play in the Newlywed Game! So bye and nice to meet you!

    PikakittenX, devout member of the Pokecommunity
    xD yea whatever. i'm not really good at romance so i didn't realize lol. and valentine days isn't one of my favorite...uhh..event of the year. sowwy.
    Okay that's good. <3

    Haha. Wait until you see the next few flashes. It gets even more awesome, I promise. ;D
    Ooh Act 4! :D Wait, did you skip the intermission? ;; It's fine to do that since you're trying to catch up as soon as possible, sorta, but I think you should still read it when you get the chance, because intermissions are still related to the story. :3

    Act 3 finale was Rose entering the Medium with the Cruxite Bottle, right? That was awesome, am I right? B) But it's only the beginning of even more awesome things to come. So better read on! ;D
    How far are you into reading?

    That's pretty cool. The way My Little Pony's animated is pretty snazzy, so I agree.
    Being together counts the most
    We all came here from coast to coast
    All we need to strive to be
    Is part of the Apple family
    Translated to Happy Valentines Day! lol What did you do today? Do you, like, have a date? ;3
    Irl, I'm Pinkie Pie and Rarity. I have a crazy side, and there's also a sophisticated Hannah somewhere in me.
    Yuuuup, I'm alive. Btw, your Pinkie Pie theme is sooooo adorable. :3
    sorry for the late reply lol
    Omgggggg! I shall waaaaatch. If I see you there, I won't actually see you there, 'cause I don't know what you look like.
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