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[22:27] <gunnerpow7> so who am i?
[22:27] <moments> ;3
[22:27] <moments> somebody that i used to know

♚ Once upon time ♚

~ Joined December 22, 2012

♚ I was in your sights ♚

~ Pokemon Clubber, RPer, Writer, Other Clubber, Trivia-er, Battle Server-er

♚ You found me ♚

~ PC's resident Bellossom

♚ I guess you didn't care ♚

~ IRC goer, Blogger

♚ And I guess I liked that ♚

~ Adventure Time Fan and a Pegasister

♚ And when I fell hard, You took a step back ♚

~ 39 Friends

♚ Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in ♚

~ Tier 4 Supporter since April 16, 2012

♚ So shame on me now ♚

~ Copied this format from Nica (aka Forever) so credits to her...

♚ Flew me to places I'd never been ♚

~ Ultimate BFFs with Laugh, Hikari10, and MidnightShine

♚ So you put me down ♚

~ Paired with MidnightShine, my Jake! <3

♚ Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground ♚

~ My 1000- year old vampire sister is Laugh (aka Hannah) and my loving BF/Husband who's the father of my children (ofc AT canon), MidnightShine

[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> Adventure Time,
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> Cmon grab your friends
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> we'll go to very
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> distant lands
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> with Jake the dog
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> and Finn the human
[02:36] <ADVENTURETIME> Fun will never end
[02:37] <ADVENTURETIME> its adventure time!!!!
Nov 4, 1997 (Age: 26)
Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Female ♀
Also Known As
The Crazy Bellossom Fan / Gunner
Favorite Pokémon
Grass types like Bellossom and Lilligant, Torchic and its evolutions, Water types like Milotic


When the heavy rainfall season ends, it is drawn out by warm sunlight to dance in the open.

PokéCommunity Supporter Collab


☆ paired with MidnightShine, Twihiki_Amias, PachyfcgPC Showdown ☆ Lady Gunner ☆ defunct account ☆​