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  • man, i'm happy for you! what did you get? and how's it been performing so far?
    Perhaps the format is still worth a try even for older fans, and I would imagine many of them have already or will give it a try. I wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the TCG since he was looking to try out board games and card games, but I don't know where to even begin now because the TCG has grown, expanded and evolved into a whole other creature now lol. When Duelist and GX were the only series around, that could've been the best time to bring him in. Now? I'm not so sure.

    I had mentioned before that YGO inspired me to create my own card game. Believe it or not, I still work on it on and off and this is well over a decade since the original version (which was pretty much a DM clone). It was meant to be a card game featured in a story that I had come up with, no plans to turn it into a real life TCG because I thought people wouldn't be into it. But I will type up a brief document with the rules, mechanics and a little demo to show you the game in motion and you can let me know what you think of it.
    Haha! Yes, I've been here for a long time, I was very active in rom hacking community before jumping to indie dev ^^
    I had read about that change in studios, it caught me by surprise. Even though classic cards were brought back under new mechanics, was that enough to keep older fans interested in checking out the newer series though. That's what I'm curious to know. This Rush Duel format which was introduced in Sevens, to me when I found out about it, it sounds like a "dumbing down" of the card game to accommodate newer and younger fans and that worried me a bit. Have you heard any positives about rush duels from other long time fans?
    So far 2023 has been okay, I'm trying to enjoy that while I can just in case things go south later haha can't have a repeat of 2022.

    5D's I only went as far as the manga and thought that it wasn't too bad. I didn't get past the first chapters of the Zexal and Arc-V manga, but now after reading about them and knowing more information I am willing to try again and perhaps I'll go for the anime series afterwards. Vrains too. Not sure if I will go beyond that haha, Sevens and Go Rush are probably for newer and younger fans. I think YGO just went the same way as Digimon, where the series which followed after the first couple of anime are so divisive within the fandom because they aren't the anime that older fans remember fondly.

    Are you watching the English dub versions for all those YGO series or it's been the original subs all along? I grew up watching the dubs but won't mind switching to subs for the other series.
    Happy 2023 to you .hack! This is my first time back on the site since my previous post, I'm sorry for the super delay! I hope you have been doing okay and 2023 has started out well for you. That was cool of you to put up the memorial thread, while I was away offline I have been doing some reading about the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise and learning about the other series which followed 5D's. I wanted to just find out what they were about and to be honest I'm on the fence in terms of opinion about them. On one hand there are plenty of cool characters and interesting plot but the new mechanics and the constant focus on dragons haven't hooked me ?????? maybe it's just the original Duelist Monsters fan in me talking haha. What about you, are you still keeping up with Yu-Gi-Oh! these days or you dropped off at some point?
    that's fair enough, you don't wanna miss out if a new game manages to catch your eye. and i only have a nintendo switch rn, no fancy gaming pc haha.
    also happy new year!!!
    Fortunately Air Gear and Saiki K aren't long anime, which means that I may be able to watch them soon enough :D I have planned to watch YuGiOh 5D's season 3 before jumping anywhere else (: maybe I'll give Saiki K a watch afterwards since I've seen gifs and clips of that one here and there and the character's unique design intrigued me.

    I want to watch HxH eventually :D it's in my list, as well as Code Geass.

    As for the more recent shows, I can agree with the sentiment. I admit there were anime that, over the years, lost their shine in my eyes and I kinda forgot about them, whereas others remained in me and kinda became a nice anime to go back to and rose to my favorites.
    Oooo I knooow, Gurren Laggan is up there due to just how insane it gets haha. I did not expect it to reach the ridiculous levels it did near the end. Not to mention I'm a fan of the art and characters as well.

    Can't blame you on the One Piece since it's quite the hefty title. It requires some effort to stick to it haha.

    Any noteworthy favorite of yours?
    Yeah I watched Naruto and Shippuden as well. I had begun to watch Shippuden when I had started my manga collection haha. Before I sold it I had up to… 50 something? Unsure really. But I gotta admit, I loved seeing the pages being animated.

    I had caught glimpses of Boruto here and there, mainly due to my own father being a fan of the series in general. During my visits I'd catch him watching an episode or two. But actually watching it from the beginning on my own, well, I have yet to.

    Aaaaaa the question… not gonna lie, I kinda can't really tell you my top favorite, but what I can do is list off some I really like and are up there in my top 25 ish?

    Like, say, I really like:
    - Gurren Laggan
    - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    - Evangelion
    - Demon Slayer
    - One Piece (so far haha)
    Oh, and Nichijou is pretty funny too.

    Aaaaa I could continue oooooon. Like One Punch Man or Fire Force or Soul Eater and- yeah imma stop it there hahaha.
    Haha I know right!

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say you watched some Naruto? Perhaps you finished Shipudden? Maaaaaybe dabbled in Boruto?
    So I couldn't help but notice during one of my sneaking sessions that you watched the Hoopa Pokémon film.

    Imma drop this here because.
    it's finally starting to get colder where i'm at, even though the decline in temperature has been pretty quick.
    and that's cool, what kind did you get!
    OH, you mean the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, the more kid oriented cartoon that spawned the infamous Pingas meme!

    Even though i don't watch it since i'm a bit too old for AOSTH, I like the Sonic Says portions that play afterwards.

    "Hey, Dumb-Bot! Didn't anyone ever tell ya not to play with matches?"

    SATAM was the more dark show, with Sonic helping the Mobius Freedom Fighters in a world where Robotnik basically won.
    I've seen snippets of those shows. X is a bit on the kiddy side but i like the tie-ins with Sonic Adventures 1/2, as well as some guys from Heroes. I should know because my younger brother saw the whole show and i walked in on a few episodes. The humans are pretty ok in that series, too. With the second show i assume you mean Sonic SATAM with Sally and Antoine, where Robotnik won and everything sucks and the theme song slaps? I've also seen some of it and i really like Sally's character. It's such a shame that none of the SATAM characters were used in a mainline game since they have so much potential.

    Sonic Underground is so laughably bad that it's hysterical, no offense, of course. I once saw Vinny from Vinesauce react to the god awful animation and he died laughing because of it. The fact that Sonic has biological siblings and a royal mother is too bizarre of a concept for me to get on board with. At least the designs of Sonia and Manic are ok enough and i don't hate them on their own. If they weren't related to Sonic then it would be cool to see them in a mainline game too!
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