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  • It's me the true and honest Hands but I can't get into my old account hello friends
    Where are your Gen 2 sprites now? They have disappeared from your threads.
    Hi sorry this is so late, I don't know where they went to and i cannot access my old account 😢
    Having a crush on Korrina has been fun for me as well as helpful :3

    Its nice to have a partner i can actually daydream about doing stuff like make overs and shopping with xD Without worrying they'll be extremely squeemish about it. I'm aware that Korrina's kinda a tomboy, but at the same time, she has shown in various parts of Pokemon media that she generally doesn't mind doing 'girly' things too much (and even really enjoys them sometimes. like when she watched serena's showcase on tv, and also her being into PR video making in the video games :3)
    Ah. Cool :3

    I've never had real partners, though I have had crushes on real people. But my relationships tend to be with fiction, mostly.

    The only other huge female crush I remember having except Korrina is Rika from Digimon Tamers. I liked her as an older teenager. It only latest about 3 months i think, though.....where as Korrina is almost a full two years old now o.o;;;

    I duno if it counts towards a female crush much or not, he's male but he's pink, however I also had a slight crush on Kirby as a teenager (don't judge me lol).
    How old are you, btw?

    I think i've always liked girls a little but I was 26 when my huge crush on korrina begin. I remember only having male crushes as a teenager. I don't really remember who i liked so much as an adult, before korrina, though O.o (i blocked out a lot of my adult memories....cuz a lot more of my own aspie traumas kinda happened as i reached adult hood :()
    I agree. Kids need to learn to be kind to one another :) And they need not hurt each other over sexuality too. Being in love with another person is a beautiful thing, gender doesn't matter. I wouldn't want any 'better' crush than Korrina right now <3 She's been on her own such a miracle for me. What same sex crushes have you had? You can tell me if you like :3 I'd be curious to know ^_^
    I really like lgbt friendly shows :)

    Having a crush on another girl has been just so helpful to me. I even got over some cripplingly bad phobias a few days ago thanks to my special K^^ (special k is a nickname me and my brother came up with for korrina)
    I like the main gems. Pearl and Amy are also awesome to me :3

    I've become more of an lgbt supporter since getting into my current crush (korrina from pokemon).

    Having a same sex crush has actually been helping me with my autism. A lot :D

    I may have to logout my mom got up and might need her computer
    I love your av! Garnet is my favorite crystal gem, the couple who made her is beautiful (and is two woman ^_^) =) Wanna be friends?
    HANDSY ive missed seeing you around!!

    but man life's been kicking my ass as usual haha. started classes recently and working full-time as well, so it's going to be a hell of a ride.

    what about you?? what have you been up to?
    Same! I love musicals in general, but I was never really interested in Les Mis until my mother made me watch the latest version with her...now I can't get half the songs out of my head, haha.
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