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    Am interested in spriting for your game. VM me :)

    Can also edit Objection!/Hold It!/Take That!/Gotcha!/Eureka! to make interesting Pokémon crys.
    Hey there I saw your screenshot in the Screenshot Showcase, and I was wondering if I could have that script for the Pokemon Selection screen?
    I don't really know you but I saw your making a game. If you need help I'm not good at hacking but some things are really tiring but easy. Its okay if you don't let me i mean we haven't even met so ya let me know.
    lolz,random guy answering your question.

    O/w sprite is pretty easy for me(piece o' cake),but for someone can be spriting like that.
    So,you must try both,and see what you like. ;)
    sorry for bothering you.
    That depends on what your affinity is. Both of them do require a moderate amount of experience to pull off well.
    I got your friendship request; however, I won't accept it because I don't know you. Still, if you're serious about being my friend, I'd love to talk and get to know each other better. ^^

    The cartoon series i've never, ever heard of till now. Probably cuz i'm Australian.
    ..I knew that. I'll re-comment there later. >.< Stuff to doooo.
    It's pretty cool!
    The attack's power is awesome (the point of having to take off one of your Energies too makes it a bit more balanced)
    The only thing I don't get is the name "Hardy Har Har"
    The PokeBody's nice too.
    What do you mean by fast paced? If you mean the scrolling in section then I'm leaving that as it's an aesthetic feature and for the moment I'm concentrating more on the mechanics, with some of the text just to clarify what's going on. I'm not going to change the visual style of essentials as it is up to the people who use it to tweak it to their needs. I know I've changed the grass sprite background but that was done during a severe bout of boredom. =P
    Sorry about the rushed reply, my internet hasn't stayed connected longer than 20 minutes tonight.
    To answer your question its the Metallica Ninja star. Its on its side oh and its made of four Metallica M's.
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