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Harish Sceptile
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  • Ya, I understand what you're trying to say. But Serena wasn't the first girl to have a crush on Ash, it was Misty, just that it was a bit more subtle. So I'll still stick with PokeShipping, coz it was (& still is), one of the most famous Shippings in fandom :P.
    Honestly, I had no idea who Pawan Kalyan was (I had to google him up {XD}). My favs actors - Amitabh Bachchan (all time fav {:3}), Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh.
    So who's your fav heroine ;)?.
    Oh btw, I put up a new Discussion Topic on the Electric Club Thread, do share your views :).
    Man I must say one thing, you're a really passionate guy. I'm sure if you keep focus, you'll go a long way :).
    Actually I tried for IIT as well, didn't make it though :(. I hope you do :) & get yourself a 3DS as well {:3}.
    See, with every new series, a new female protagonist is introduced to the Anime, so I don't see anything different happening this time. I know a lot of fans support AmourShipping, but if I was given a choice (although my favourite part in the Anime is Ash's Pokemon battles) I'd be more in favour of PokéShipping (Ash & Misty's pairing) tbh, which has its fair share of fans as well.
    Oh hey! I definitely didn't know anything about this UK and US problem, so, i just bought a 3ds without knowing anything about it. Then, when i was gonna buy the game on the Nintendo e-shop, i understood the problem, huge thanks to one of my friends for informing me about the region-locked character of 3ds games. So, then, i bought the UK version of pokemon X. Enough? :-P
    I think there's some problem with PC today, messages are taking too long to show up on VMs -_-. Ya I read that message, I think it could have been longer
    This is how the details need to be filled

    Okay first tell me, did you see the form there, on the first post, the details you need to fill in?
    Why do you think I'm an Engineer, lol . I'm actually doing my MBA, just started with it & working as well.
    Yes I know Serena has a crush on Ash, but I don't think the writers of the Anime are gonna go anywhere with the idea of pairing Ash with a female protagonist, coz Ash's journey towards being a Pokemon Master is what keeps the series going.
    Hey btw, I sent you a PM, check that out & if you're interested, you can join in :)
    Hi dude, you too an Indian? Its so rare to see one here. So, you are from Hyderabad, huh? I'm Nish from Mumbai. Right now, i'm playing Pokémon X on my 3ds which i bought from Amazon, and its so cool to play games on it. Today, i got my icse exam results and scored 97.5%. Isn't it good?
    Ya I'm well aware of (relation)shippings like PokéShipping, NegaiShipping, AmourShipping, AdvanceShipping, PalletShippingo_O etc.
    And hey its was just a friendly advice from a fellow Indian, who happens to be a few yrs older to you . If you think you have more to give to the argument, you should go ahead & do so.
    Anwyays, so you're in 12th huh, which field - arts/commerce/science?
    Hola mi amigo. Seems ya an indian. Hmm hyderabad... Sunrisers hyderabad ya no right. People call it IPL. Well lemme intro me ya see amigo oh qué pasa I live in Kolkata, KKR ya no. Yes plz reply.
    Hola mi amigo. Seems ya an indian. Hmm hyderabad... Sunrisers hyderabad ya no right. People call it IPL. Well lemme intro me ya see amigo oh qué pasa I live in Kolkata, KKR ya no.
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