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  • WHOA last message was like 5 years ago?? wow
    I'm doing alright! Workin my butt off in art school c: How are you?
    Sorry if I can't remember ;n; I looked at your previous username, but it's nice to see you again! Thank you so much for saying hi c:
    Aw sorry I was contemplating for ages what to change it to and was rather shocked when I saw this one was available! c:
    Saw your post looking for game recs - don't know if you've already tried it or not but I'm on a major Pokemon Reborn kick rn? Thinking back to last xmas I took Pokemon Godra on holiday with me last year and remember rather enjoying it?
    I know the feeling, lol. It takes me forever to write a post that I feel satisfied with. I've gotten used to it over the past . . . about five years. When I first started roleplaying on forums, my posts weren't very long at all. Nor were they good. d:
    An eternity. I can see that you never really took up roleplaying here in those three years, lol.
    Yeah it does sound pretty simply and real fun. Gotta see what all the excitement is about when I have time. =D
    Gonna have to look up how to play, looks incredibly awesome. maaaaan guess its off to google for me!
    Oh I have never played that before.. heard it was super fun though. Bet I'm missing out. ; A;
    I'm sorry I took so long to reply to you >.< it's just, whenever I checked PC, the thread wouldn't show me that there's new posts up until today .-.
    I answered your question and I hope my answer was good enough o.o
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