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  • Just a thought - is there another way we can keep in contact with each other, someplace where you'd check messages more often than on here? I'd like to keep in contact as friends, but since neither of us logs on here much anymore, it is kinda tough lol.
    Same here, minus the school thing. Things have been too busy on my end to write as well, and I'm hardly on here anymore. Not to mention I'm slowly falling out of the Pokemon fandom after a couple years of disappointments. The only games I've played recently haven't been Pokemon games at all.

    But drop me a message if you post any more writings/chapters, and I'll do the same if I find the motivation to start a new story (I'll *try* to remember to check back here from time to time lol)
    Long time no chat! How are things going on your end? Honestly, I don't come on here much anymore there hasn't been much happening on the Pokemon side of things that's been interesting recently.
    Hey, how are things going? Any news on writing projects from your end? It's been awhile since I've read ANYTHING lol. As for me, I have the vaguest idea for a story, and it's based on a TV show I recently watched. This woman (google "Rita Crundwell") worked as a small town civil servant while stealing her city's money to run a massive championship horse-breeding operation. I was thinking I could have Lisa investigate something similar in the Pokemon world, with the culprit obviously involved in breeding Ponyta/Rapidash. What do you think?
    No problem! As for future projects, I'm not sure at the moment - I'm going through one of those stages where I'm "bored/tired" of the Pokemon franchise, if that makes any sense. Might have something to do with there not having a decent game in the series for over two years now. I might decide to do that Lisa/Leaf drag racing story since it wouldn't involve Pokemon, but other than that...

    But I'll keep you posted :)
    I just sent a PM with a draft of Chapter 5. I want to get 4 posted by the 26th and 5 done by the 30th, just as a rough timeframe. Check your inbox when you get a chance, thanks!
    Hey, I just sent you a PM with the first chapter draft of y new story. I'd like to post it in time for my birthday next week (the 28th). Please try to look it over before then, thanks!
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