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Heart's Soul
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  • It has happened a lot to me as well, I'm still around here, and also on Discord, Skype and Facebook. I'm always around and more active in those other places if you're interested too~
    I'm surprised, since I've had this username since the start of 2014. Maybe my user number (260196) is just that easy to remember hahahaha
    I'm surprised you still recognize me. It's just that I look very different now, especially the green italic name.
    I'd rather not point out any projects I'm not a fan of, but for modding-wise. I've once seen somebody revive a thread like 7 years old I think I don't even remember how old it was but it was absolutely ridiculous.
    You're talking in terms of trade, right.? Dang, I wish I could give you a Glaceon (because I have two!) but I don't have a DS atm. :( Maybe you'll find some luck at the trade corner.

    I saw the reintro. I'm kinda busy this week so I am lacking my activity these days. Imma try to respond tonight though :3
    In total I have no idea. xD But since I started talking to you...this would be your 2nd one.

    Bookmark PC next time, set PC as your homepage. Go follow PC on twitter. etc. :P
    More like gone for MONTHS! Heyyy! xD

    Go make a reintro so I can properly welcome you again. xD
    Ah. Well, it's not even a Rom Hacking forum anymore. It's more general discussion, but I still have the Rom Hacking board there for good measure.
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