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  • Zeke, I've added you on my FC. My FC is 3411 - 1539 - 1231, hopefully hear from you soon in regards to the Icysnow *___*
    My biggest want is for Tundra, and Monsoon, My sig has a list of all the forms I need, the ones I got are striked out. :o if you EVER come across tundra or monsoon that you are willing to part with, I'll try to give you a fair trade for it. :)
    You're actually one of the few people on GTS who isn't a jerk and doesn't give you a Vivillon you don't want haha. I only need 6 more forms. If you need any other forms in particular, VM me and I'll see if I have them or not. Unfortunately, I don't have Savannah nor Tundra.
    Oh, I know I saw that same one! it's so stupid, I like the people that have vivillon for vivillon, only problem is they all want the ones I don't have or can't easily get lol xD
    No problem at all! Oh, and it's Icy Snow. Thanks again! Also, if you think finding Marine was hard, good luck trying to find Savannah and Sun. Those guys want freaking Mews and Zekroms -____- One guy actually wanted a level 1-10 Zekrom.
    It's all good, if that turns out not to be an Icy Snow though, let me know right away and I will make sure I grab the right one for you, and thank you everyone on GTS wants ridiculous trades for Marine, you're a lifesaver!
    Oh lol that was you? I thought it was someone else. My bad. Anyhow, thank you so much! Couldn't find Icy Snow anywhere.
    Thanks so much, I'll add you in when I get out of my class around noon or so and then I'll keep an eye out for you being online! :) Thank you again for offering me a trade of Marine. :)
    Hey, thanks so much, I can't get marine for anything lol, give me a few to get another scatterbug for you and I'll message you when I get it. :) can I have your FC so I can trade you easier and your in game name?
    Hey, I have a Marine Vivillon that I'll trade for an Icy Snow Scatterbug. Sorry that I couldn't message on the thread. It's not opening. Anyways, just PM me if you're up for the trade :)
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