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Hellenistic Ichigo
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  • Hello everybody! I'm am now officially back on Poke Community to stay. I had to temporarily leave Poke Community because of my inconveniences dealing with the fact that I still am trying to finish college. I'm still ready and waiting for a chance to test out a beta, alpha, or demos of any Pokemon hacks you want me to do. To be completely honest with you, since college and lots of other stuff has already started for me in 2016, I felt so stressed out and I feel like I wanna pass out immensely and not wake up any time soon, but it is what it is. Gotta keep going no matter what trials you may face down the road right? So in any case, I'm back and I'm ready to help to beta test a Pokemon hack. Just be sure to notify me on a request to help on [email protected] or at [email protected]. Thank you.

    -Hellenistic Ichigo
    I'm back people!! I sincerely apologize for not posting for a whole year, but I was still busy with college and preparing myself for a part-time job so I can be able to live on my own. If anybody wants me to be a beta tester for a Pokemon Hack, I'll be more than happy to accommodate you. Just leave a message on my email, [email protected] regarding the hack that you are currently working on and the features of it and I'll immediately chime in to help. Just remember that I will not be available on Saturdays to comply to any requests as to my father taking me out on fishing trips. (I love to go fishing by the way, I just love the thrill of a fishing challenge. It's really good for my forearms and biceps.) Ahem, In any case, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a message here on my dashboard. Thank you and I hope to work very efficiently, consistently, and to get along very well with you all.

    -Hellenistic Ichigo
    Ok, That's understandable. Whenever you have the chance, just let me know and I'll test it out for you. I will prepare myself with a minor and major bug list in the meantime.

    Hellenistic Ichigo
    Thanks very much for telling me this. In fact, your supporting is helpful. I'm still working on the Beta 3 of this hack, and of course, I'll tell you when I need help. Maybe I'll finish the Beta 3 in April or May, I may need someone to test it out.
    I get it, thanks so much for this, and once I make it long enough, I'd like to send it to you, thanks again for your intention for help.
    Thanks a lot, but I think I need time to make it long enough to be tested, the current progress is not long enough. So I think I'd rather ask for help later, thanks again for this.
    Well, I do think they will be available in my next project since the hack develops as the 6th gen came, Zygarde will not be in a certain location, and Yvetal would might be found in a forest, these are what I'm planing on.
    Well, it is a simple walkthrough which was worked out by others, and you can find it in the thread of this hack.
    Zygarde is available in Resolute Version already, you can encounter it in the hidden have of Mt.Mortar, there's a walkthrough which mentioned this.
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