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  • Just remove the stuff and you'll be fine! However, any future mishaps with crediting and using other people's assets without consent will result in a warning/yellow card, and later infractions if it continues to persist. Please resubmit your thread with materials that you have received permission either via public or private statement from the creator.
    "I haven't used any of the resources of pokemon Insurgence and Sage yet, can I have my thread again after listing a full credit."

    Ok, so if you haven't used them in your game, then you should remove them from your list of credits. People from both games have come to me about your game for mentioning them. claiming theft of materials.

    Also I'm fairly certain that Ethereal gates used a derivative tileset as evidenced by your screenshot of your pokemon center. I recommend removing that as well, as Ethereal gates has not made a public announcement on usage of their assets. I'd advise you finding another public resource to figure out which tileset to use. There are many in the fifth generation's style from you to choose from on DeviantArt. For instance, Pokemon Citrine has publically made their tileset available, and features the same kind of pokemon center used in your screenshot. Chimcharsfireworkd made the tileset formatted for RMXP here: https://www.deviantart.com/chimcharsfireworkd/art/BW-Citrine-Tileset-Resized-227350418. Klien's BW Essentials pack is another resource for Generation 5 tiles.

    At any rate, please remove all tiles from Ethereal Gates and mentions of Pokemon Insurgence and Pokemon Sage from your list of credits.
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