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    I'm sorry. For everything. I just wish I'd told you much sooner. Because it's what you deserved.
    I know that your birthday is soon. Came by to wish you the fabulous day you deserve!!

    I'll try dear. I hope we all make it to the end of this year in one piece. This scene with the globe from an old Charlie Chaplin film sums up my thoughts on the state of world affairs today.

    I'm late, ouch. Anyway, a belated birthday wish to you, Her. Hope everything's alright and you enjoyed your day. If not, never mind, the best is yet to come, so have faith :) How's life?
    even if you may not be feeling the best right now, I hope you have a very lovely birthday because you deserve it ❤️
    haha yeah I figure.

    I think so, I definitely want to do something in internal medicine. I could see myself doing family medicine too... I think I'll be happy with either and appreciate the benefit of which one ends up falling to me. It's pretty stressful right now and it'll be even more stressful come residency, but I just can't wait for the day that I'll be out on my own seeing patients.
    next one as my next opportunity for a good impression, we have placements that we do throughout the year prior to our applications
    trying to make a good impression every day so I can get into the residency program of my choice! i've found that i don't have the same attention for current issues and things of that sort as i had 3 years ago. :( but such is life, sacrifices have to be made somewhere...
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