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Hermione Granger
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  • Hi! I'm trying to find a clean crystal gbc v1.0 rom but I can't find anything online. Everytime I find a link, it just ends up being downloaded as some html screen. Is it possible you could send me a copy of that v1.0 rom you mentioned you found? Thnx!
    Playin Pokemon Saiph for about a week, Finished the story with capturing Articuno.
    I just have some questions
    1) how can I get the Amulet Coin & Exp Share?
    2) Can I complete the Pokedex in this game?
    3) Hoenn Pokemon's are not registering in Pokedex, is it possible to register somehow?
    4) I found a BUG where I can walk through trees, mountains, etc & captured HITMONCHAN (LVL 30). Is that part of your Hack ROM or just a BUG?
    I mostly just wanted to stop by to commend your tastes on divas; top tier. It is nice to see another WWE fan here.
    Yep. I just wanted to get v2 as polished as I could before I moved on to other things, so that I wasn't leaving people stuck with a bunch of oddities and annoyances while I was focused on other things. Same reason as why I made sure you could do the first half of Christmas before I got distracted with other things. I may do some things for Red++ v3.0 at the same time as Christmas, but yes, I will be switching focus back to finishing up Christmas after I get v2.4 out.
    Hmm interesting when that happens try clicking okay and it should say do you want to attempt recovery if so choose yes and for the values put

    Pokemon 1020
    Types 24
    Moves 511
    Abilites 156

    And it should work
    That could be because the final form of the Pokemon they mega evolve so that could be an issue although I don't know for sure at the moment
    Like I said before the problem is you're clicking find not goto what you need to do is go to the search option and the last option is goto click that and then search FFFFFE and you'll find it then just write 00 01 and put save and that's it
    I believe I Altered many of the trade evolutions and the eevee evolutions although the leafeon and glaceon evolution may not work at the moment but sylveon does work and for the HxD can you show me what you're doing with pictures that would help me solve the problem you're having
    okay so what i want you do is go into HxD and open up the base and go to the offset FFFFFE and then put there 00 01 there and then paste whats in the spoiler in your ini and it should work
    Are we talking about the theta Emerald base or my 1020 patch the only reason I ask this is because I've been working on theta Emerald INI
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
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