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  • Neither do I. Like I said, just copypaste it; it's on every page in this forum. Or just ignore it. People know what you're talking about even if you don't use the accent.
    Well, for starters, I wouldn't do two versions. That's a marketing gimmick the main series has in order to coerce people into buying the same game twice.

    And secondly, if this is your very first hack, I wouldn't recommend diving into making your own thing all by yourself first. Find another hack that needs staff, discover what you're good at (it looks like you could be a good spriter if you practiced some), get some experience around what you should and shouldn't do first before starting into your own project. That's my advice.

    Also: "Pokémon" (or simply "Pokemon" if you don't want to bother copypasting the é, but it's on every page in the forum so why wouldn't you), not "poke'mon." That's kind of a pet peeve of mine. It's an accent, not an apostrophe.
    Right ok sorry I suck at explaining stuff like this lol

    Right so you know with a rom hack, the pallet of colours for each tileset can be no more that 16 colours per tileset right.
    Well most of my tiles on there own far exceed that 16 colour limit, because I made them for game development which has no colour limit, right. So some alterations may need to be done to bring it down to 16 colours.
    Oh, so now you're soliciting random feedback on your hack, is that it? Well, ok, sure, but does it have a thread or anything that you could link me to? because I seriously can't remember/find anything.
    Like I say the pallet may need to be sorted out as im pretty sure that there is more then 16 colours in it. Sorry but like I said I tend to work on game development tiles, so I suck badly at restricted pallet tiles.
    I'm not sure, you have some wrongly-colored Denjuu in your profile pic so maybe that's why I messaged you. I don't do hacks that often, so... was it Atlantis Reborn? Other than that, I doubt it.
    Yes of course you can, however my tiles are made for games more than hacks so the pallet may need some alterations before you can use it.
    i dunno man, cause everyone in the team is here to help me, and most people have there own hacks.
    cause remeber the scripters are people, and they dont wanna spend 200o years working on all theses hacks.

    got any pics of ur mappinbg
    thats why i have started a team up, and im getting taught ****, like IPS.
    there are lots of script tuts on PC
    thats how im working!!
    im doing a 4 city hack, i wanna get the first city out, then do the second and 3rd 4th and onnce the game is complete, i plan to make a sequal. ill use the same maps but ill add more maps and cities.
    Nothing much; I was busy customising my profile for the Prettiest Profile contest all these days.
    You're still into ROM hacking?
    I don't know, to be honest. You'll have to look around sprite galleries and stuff. If I recall correctly, a user named Wichu released some sprite packs of the 4th gen Pokemon resized to 64x64, and he posted them somewhere in the Emulation forum, so just have a look around.
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