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  • I wasn't trying to be offensive, sorry, I know I can be blunt sometimes. I'm just commenting on your conservative views and the notion of it being "hilarious" that a a team with a feminine mascot won.
    So Episode 84 was less than spectacular with yet another Team Skull debauchery thrown in for good measure. Only thing of note is the foreshadowing of Necrozma three Episodes from now in Episode 87. Poni Trial won't occur until after the whole arc it appears and it appears Serena isn't coming back during Generation 7(if she does at all).
    Eh Star Wars Rebels wasn't that bad but I cede the point regarding the movies(although I find Star Wars to be the least of their issues).
    Yeah I know. Its not just that show but Television in general has run out of ideas and is digging into the past and changing things to pander to a very small minority of the public. Rather than vent your frustrations, simply vote by not watching it. When they waste gobs of money on stuff they shouldn't have started in the first place, maybe they will get the message.

    On another note, I posted a Top 10 Animated shows list in Entertainment board(Non-Anime shows since none are from Japan).
    would've been good if the other two who signed up participated at least, yeah ;-; not sure how previous GTS went down in comparison
    Oh dang, guess that's just more motivation to hold my lead. Pretty much as long as I keep up with Calzone I'll probably be alright.
    As for the Titans series, I come back to the MLK Principle. If she was the best applicant who tried out for it, who am I to complain about it? I mean the character is an Alien so that leaves a lot of leeway as to who they cast for it. The problem is that the comics don't portray her as Black. Furthermore, I think it has more to do with the fact that Comics or Animation going to live action rarely, if ever, works out well in the end. Ex: Avatar Last Airbender
    I'm not saying it was racism being that the characters themselves happened to be Black. My point was about all the people behind the scenes. Director, Producer, Film Crew, everyone in the film was Black. I'd find it hard to believe that a non-Black person(who was good at what they did) wouldn't have wanted to work on or didn't apply for that movie.
    Heh I should show you a Titans series preview trailer. I'm not sure if it's fan made or in the works with DC but the backlash on it was extreme. Not only do they not like Raven but the person they casted for Starfire is Black. I know Starfire is alien and hence leaves a lot of things to interpretation but in all the comics I've seen she's not Black and it comes across as a token pick to appease the SJW left.

    Here's the video:

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