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    Lol it's been a few months hasn't it.....We don't get to talk any more.....it doesn't help that I don't have my own laptop any more lol.
    I've been away for like.. 5 months. o_o Sorry, but I'm not coming back. I only joined to troll.
    Ha, no we haven't really.
    Umm life's been alright up and till this morning.
    How about you, what's been doin'?
    My right side of the brain forgot you but my left side still knows you, so I will solute you lefthanded :D
    Btw, we are apparently still paired here on PC. Still keep right?
    sup girl. rember me? ok a hint: fallenleader. i got a name change na na na nana XP
    soo what r u doin these days.
    im good at music hacking now. im turning firered into a waterd down version of diamond, and was wonderin if u play rom hacks. if so u can beta test the final beta before release (for fun only. no having to report bugs. itll be a gift to a friend!)
    congrats to u for beign "hawt". at least theres one female who has self confodence!
    bye for now!
    lol...that must suck that they won't unban you. i really need to get on more often. ur right, it has been forever. oh guess wat, i get to go to king's island on the 27 with less than half my grade...lol yea like only 40-50 8th graders get to go. our last day of school is one monday june 1. can you believe our last day is a monday? ttyl
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