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  • MORIAN!! :D Happy birthday buddy, I hope you're having a blast! Here's a doll of Cuddles' future form to brighten your day! ^_^

    Oh my gosh, happy birthday!! (It's officially your birthday in Aussie time!) I hope it's brilliant!

    Thanks so much for everything you do. :D
    Time for Cuddles to choose a path seeing as the group is splitting in two. Option A is to go up the Mountain where you'll predominantly face Rock and Flying Types or play rearguard and face ????. Seeing as you're good against Rock and neutral on Flying(unlike our Grass Allies), I advocated that you be among those to "roll" up the Mountain.
    Grimer, Stunfisk and Wynaut survived the blast. Feel free to fire a Water Pulse at Grimer to finish it off. It's not guaranteed to hit since you have a -25% Accuracy debuff on you for this turn(expires next turn).
    Can't tell if you wanted to follow my suggested move for Cuddles. At least you got placed on the map(albeit at a different spot but who cares) and can reach the suggested goal of L21 to use Astonish on Wooper-C. If you wouldn't mind, I'd confirm that move ;)
    Finally time for Cuddles to choose his starting spot for Battle#2. I have you starting up North to attack a Wooper in the water with Astonish(since a Water attack may not work thanks to their ability and Shellos' potential ability in Storm Drain(which makes all Water Attacks moot until its removed from play)). I have a plan to confirm Shellos ability in Round 1 though.
    Two options for Round 6 of FTE. Option#1 is to sprint to G14 to be in position for round 7. Option#2 is legal only for the current battle(Lycan plans to close the loophole next battle) where you can use Whirlpool on Duskull-B(praying that it hits) and then move to M13 or away from Duskull and out of line of sight from Duskull so it can't use Night Shade on you.
    So the way west is now cleared. Meta has the Ghost locked down so you can sprint westward or stay where you are and sprint back to N10 to heal up some more.
    Up for Cuddles to take a Swim and cause a Whirlpool? Figure that would lock it down on the water while using it as a shield from Rn. Shot moves. Lmk what you think on the current situation and based on my present analysis, we're going to lose Black next round short of several enemy Pokémon going down in OHKO fashion.
    hello, :boogie: i couldn't help but notice your picture of Reanne in your last post and thought it was really cool and well done

    just felt like commenting on it! :p
    Happy Birthday HyperMorian! Congrats on reaching the magic age when life activates Dark Souls mode :D

    Haven't seen you in the Super Pokemon Hangman thread for awhile, have you been taking a break?
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