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  • Hey-O, just letting you know, again. That Tabris has approached Derek. I'm sure he needs some kind of conversation after that.
    Quick question! :D Anyways I was gonna ask if it's okay if my character in the walking dead's dad or mom is some gym leader?
    You've probably noticed, but I did have Snease bring Tabris over to Derek, just letting you know.
    Pokemon: The League stands strong, My Sneasel is attempting to interact with your character, though Tabris is now falling asleep. So your character is just being pestered by an unwatched Pokemon. She (Snease) doesn't have anything devious up her sleeve though.
    Awesome! Thanks, maybe once I get to actually post I'll ask for a more direct tip based on how it looks to you. Might come out alright, could also be horrible as I'm rusty. Also I was kinda kidding on my first post being "spectacular" probably just going to be your average intro post. I'll try to be an interesting addition to the RP reguardless, I'd like to see this one kick off at some point. Seems like it's been rather slow and jumbled.
    Haha, taking you up on your offer for any tips. I have a very visual imagination, and can see clips as clear as watching a TV screen of what I read or would like to post. However when written it doesn't come out quite as epic. One of the reasons I want to start Rping to better myself at such. Though I have RP-ed before on seperate sites, awhile back
    Hey Fyr, I just went and posted the joint post, since we finished it and days ago and you haven't posted yet. Hope you don't mind!
    Fair warning, your sig might end up being disabled.

    The max size (in pixels) of a signature in its entirety (pictures, text and everything included) is 600x350.
    Yeah, it is by far the longest Ive seen on here! By the way, I just sent mine, if you're still there!
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