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  • Pretty much just got home from it! I actually really enjoyed it as well! It was much better than I was expecting.

    I got chills when Brave Heart played.
    There's an emperor for life position? :O Or is that just Steve's (Rukario) spot? I don't want to pay server costs. :(
    The only theater in the area actually has a showing! I was surprised, because normally my area doesn't get anything.

    I still need to buy a ticket myself.
    The creative work is one thing, but I also really missed this place. It's actually one of my first internet homes. Haha

    Malaysian primary school kids are notorious for inane conflicts about pointless things. Heh
    I looked it up and it was actually Digimon Adventure 02 which was my favourite. It seemed more, idk, mature than the first one? But maybe I'm looking at it through rose tinted glasses. I could totally see the Serial Experiments Lain guy wanting to write Digimon though. It sounds like something I'd definitely enjoy (and it came out in 2001?! crazy). I'm definitely putting it on To Watch.
    Coolbeans, glad to hear things are good with you!

    As for me, I'm alright, things could be better for me, but all in all I'm okay. I've actually been lurking on PC on and off for the past few years trying to make a comeback. But I said to myself the only way I'd ever make a comeback was to post a fic or join a writing contest. Really though, what I mostly want is to get back into writing and just general creative work.

    I can't say I know much about Digimon, heh. Back when I was in primary school, it was always either Digimon or Pokemon, never both. I secretly liked both, but I never really kept up with Digimon canon, though I did enjoy one of the second or third Digimon anime immensely.
    Trying to think of what to tackle SWC with. I have a couple of Plot Nidos, but nothing definitive.

    And why, yes, one of them is "VR? Back in my time we had Pokégears with monochrome green-tint screens and WE LIKED IT!" :p
    Venia Silente is my official pen name in the Pokémon fandom. Had been pending a username change for a while already to get it in-line with what I'm using in all other Pokémon-related sites I'm in. Serebii name change is still pending, and I think that will be last one.

    As for the avvie yes, it is Laguna, as portrayed in 3DS's Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, where all playable characters are chibies o3o

    Awesome game to have BTW in particular if you can get the DLC.
    You are a wicked one, Anon. I have not even looked at that thread in days because I do not want to deal with it. And if I do post the dubbed song, I'd probably get personally blamed for it and given a six-page diatribe about why Butter-Fly is the better song for Tri. And then something about the Zero Two epilogue because why not.

    Speaking of the Zero Two epilogue (which I do really enjoy, which also means that I do know what Takeru's son looks like), my Zero Two fic is...a hot mess. And we can all blame Ryo for it. I was going to include Ryo into the story as more of an explanation for Ken becoming the Kaiser and hating the Chosen Children, but then I just didn't know where to go with Ken after he wasn't the Kaiser anymore. So I thought about it, and I'm going to have to rearrange the plot and everything.

    So while I have finished a rough draft of book 1 (of five!), it will most likely be scrapped.

    On the plus side, while writing it, I made Armadimon into more of a character. To the point where he had two chapters dedicated to him and Iori's relationship instead of just one. This also means that Armadimon is now one of my favorite Digimon.

    When you do start your rewatch of Zero Two, feel free to send me a message about your thoughts after each episode! Though it's been nearly two years since I've last rewatched it, I still remember a lot about Zero Two, and am always happy to discuss it with people.

    Also, yes! I am so annoyed that the Zero Two kids are a non-entity in Tri. I still haven't watched the second movie, so I don't really know what the reaction was to the new Kaiser, but I would have thought that there would have been some mention in the first movie. Like "hey, we're fighting this really strong new Digimon, but let's not remark on us missing a few team members! Including the two that have the strongest Digimon on the team!" I am so salty about that. I really hope that whatever the plan is for the Zero Two Chosen, it's worth the wait and aggravation.

    I'm already horribly behind on re-reading your story! I have a slightly good excuse though? I'm still reading through my entire Card collection, and just started on the last shelf of my collection. So I'm right at the end of Ender's Game and just have that series--and the graphic novels--to go through. But it's taking me longer to read through these books because I'm taking notes of little things that I've noticed now. I'm to the point where I can write a whole essay about the hints dropped on page 11 of Game (and have plans to actually write it and post it!)

    And like you and your new avatar, I'm quite happy with my new profile picture. Though I doubt I would have changed it if it wasn't for that hacking!
    I was just wondering if you knew about the existence of that Digimon thread!

    I'm not ignoring the rest of your VMs--especially that very important question--but I've been so tired from work that I didn't have the energy to explain the full situation.
    In my personal opinion, it means that you're a genius. I didn't know about that trick at all, so I can't fault you for not knowing.
    Oh yo. I'm doing fine heh.

    With the linebreak things, PC's actually going through some code changes so things should be normal soon.
    Oh, early congrats on graduating! :) Looking forward to seeing you being active again soon!

    I got held up with a few things, but otherwise I'm doing good!
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