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  • Good Shipwrecking failed man, you better retire you alcoholic jolt off
    Well no, the rules are put in place to stop the people that do abuse their liberties and in turn, this can inconvenience the better people.

    As mentioned before and you stated below, reviving is up to the moderator. I don't think it's a major issue as it can definitely be the right thing to do in some scenarios. Regardless of whether this has been denoted a rule that only applies under the moderators discretion in the Hacking section, most post-related rules have always been up to the moderator.

    To be fair, your sig said bumping, which is the act of double/re-posting in one's thread with the intention of publicising it. Which I think is a totally fair rule in 99% of cases. I didn't really have a major problem with reviving in the right circumstances.
    There's certainly some truth to that - in an ideal world, those rules would not exist. But here's the problem: good and bad posts are often a matter of opinion. Some people simply don't understand what constitutes either. So in 99.9% of cases, very short posts have very little or nothing to contribute, so they, as a whole, need to be avoided. In terms of bumping, there is rarely anything that requires a new post and can't be added to the previous one. If you're referring to reviving threads, then I believe that is up to the moderator's discretion, but in most cases, either the thread or the offending post is no longer at all relevant.

    Here's the thing: rules are always going to inconvenience someone with good intentions and where it might not be necessary, but these rules are required to stop the people who will take advantage of any freedom.
    I'd have to find it but I swear that's what it said. It applies to other things as well, not just ROMs.
    There is some law that supports what I mean, I wrote a paper on it before. I could find it but I'm to lazy to do so.

    I also don't remember my email or I would have tried that already =(
    I saw the thread on Skeetendo but couldn't post since I don't remember my password.

    ROMs are actually legal to download as long as the game is more then 2 years old and is no longer sold by stores.
    hi, i'm sorry to bother you. I'm the one to which you always solve the problems (both here on PC and on PHO). I've seen your useful signature, that contains lot of 1st-2nd gen docs. Some of them link to twilight, so we know we can't get them. But, by the way, have you got those docs on your harddisk on your computer? because if it is so, would you be so kind to send those docs to me? (in that case i will tell you my e-mail address).
    Let me know, and thanks for your time! Cya
    Gen 2 fans unite! Thank you for your info. I am a noob in hex though, perhaps someday I will be able to make use of your findings.
    Hey if you know of a good site with good g/s/c documentation could you please link me to it?
    please... =(

    I want to read up on the games before I start anything.
    P.S. the info in your sig is great. good work.
    If I were wanting to know more about GSC (and possibly RBY) hacking, where would you suggest the best place is to start? I've been vaguely interested in learning for a while now, but I dunno where to begin. ;3
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