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  • A loop?! That. Is. A Dream. Come True. Maybe I should hold off all my breeding projects until I get/beat ORAS!
    Oh oops, yeah I know what VGC is. I thought it was already in XY, when you challenge a person to flat doubles and it only lets you choose 4 pokemon out of 6. I was asking "Is it just doubles?" to ask if the non-doubles formats in the VGC rulebook were added or something. Oh okay, I get what you mean now. ^^;
    An unpopular opinion of mine was to hope that XY and ORAS would have an equal amount of mega stones available, so I'm glad to learn some are XY-exclusive.
    A friend told me yesterday how there's now 2 daycares. What else made breeding easier? :o
    Tell me more about the VGC format. Is it just doubles? Was it not there in XY?
    And okay I'll try. :P
    I'm also good. How are you enjoying ORAS and move tutors? I've yet to get it but like to hear from others anyways. :P
    I'm not here to add, but each Pokemon is only found in a designated slot in the safari itself. In Gothorita's case it's one of the possible third slots in a Psychic Safari.
    Sorry, I was out. Just send me another message when you get on, I'll be on for the next few hours.
    Still online? I'll add you now. :)

    Just trying to prep for breeding a Chansey with Egg Moves ATM.
    I actually just realized I imported a Magby; it's an Unova Magby (Virbank Complex I think). {XD} I could still use the Magmar Safari, however. I can just breed this Magby (once it's a Magmar, that is) and get Kalos-bred that way, but I can't get hidden abilities, which is the interest. :)

    Let's figure out when we're both online and we can go online in the game at the same time to register the Safari access. I have to clear people somewhere in there as well.
    Hey! I am almost finished my Kanto Dex and am in dire need of a Magmar Friend Safari - it's literally the only thing I am missing (even though it evolves outside of the Kanto Dex). Any chance you might need a Golurk Safari? :)

    Also need the HA Slugma access - only thing I already have is a single Braxien Safari.
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