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  • Not to rush you or anything, but most people in the RPG have either arrived at Sycamore's Lab or are making their way there, but you haven't posted yet.

    Once everyone reaches the lab, we won't be able to move on until your character arrives as well.
    Don't forget to answer that PM I sent you about journey optional You need to in order to move on in the RP xD
    Roboto! I just realized that your SU for YAPS is still a WIP, and I submitted the IC without you. Sorry! Would you like me to wait?
    You're going to get accepted. Merlin specifically stated that he doesn't like denying people.
    If both of our Olympus characters get accepted, it is going to be awkward being together. Your parent would be Boreas, and my parent would be the daughter of Boreas. Would that make you my demi-aunt?
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