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Inner Rhymes
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  • In that case I'm afraid that you've reached a game breaking position and will have to restart. I'm very sorry. Again I've fixed port town so this issue won't happen again in the next beta and until then I'll post and make sure more people know about this bug. Again though i'm sorry.
    Yes, unfortunately I've seen this issue before. I made the first town you entered in the 4th movie very quickly and it's very buggy. The Poké Center connected by a bridge has a door where I forgot to change the transfer player script. So instead of warping to the proper Center and you end up entering one that you were in a few movies ago. Fortunately I've corrected this for the next beta (Although I don't really want to upload a patch in between Beta 3 and Beta 4 fixing this one bug.) . I never really explored how to correct this glitch. What I suggest doing is talking to the man in green and see if you can make your way back ( you might have to replay Movie 3).
    I'm very sorry for this inconvenience and reply if you're able to make it back.
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