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Inner Rhymes
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  • Also, I seem to have found out how the day and night system in this game work and managed to remove it, so I've updated the patch once more. Hopefully the problem can be solved this time.
    I think it has something to do with the customized day and night system made by the creator, which seems to be glitchy. So I may need time to find a way to disable it completely first.
    I tried again to fix it, maybe you can download the patch again to see if that changed, if it still doesn't work properly, please tell me, thanks.
    I just updated the patch to fix the day and night system since I might have figured out how to do it, Now the day and night system is back and, if the fix worked, then nothing will go wrong with the day night system now. maybe you can download the patch again to see if anything goes wrong.
    That's strange, maybe I didn't remove the Day/Night system completely? I will find out how it happened later, maybe you should turn off the real-time clock first to make it work before I make another patch?
    It could be interesting... I send you my discord PokeAJ#7499 and twitter @pokeaj. But remember, you need to have creator's permissions.
    Excuse me so i was grinding for like levels and ev's mostly ev's from the very start before challenging barry so when i already got like the 252 ev for speed i when and try to battle barry but its name change from barry to console and told me im cheating or something and then reset my progress please respond im mad and confused of what is happening right now. Ohhh also my level was 21
    Huh really? I honestly don't think there's enough to go on but I guess he can contact me if he's really interested.
    Thank you for telling me about this, if that's the case, then I think I may consider about having a look at it since I really liked that hack and wanted to do something for it.
    I mean, there's not really much to go off of, unfortunately. It's not like other hacks where it's maybe 80% complete or more and the final 20% can be done by someone that extrapolates from what's already there. When I stopped working on Shining Opal, I only ever had vague plans on where it would go, because I was a kid that didn't know how games should be made. So unless someone is willing to finish the vague mess I abandoned almost a decade ago, I don't think that'd be possible. But I'm open to the idea!
    There is also a small chance I don't do anything with it.

    Sometimes I'm not motivated to do ROM Hacking anymore :C
    So, like, don't hold your breath for a beta to test, ok?

    I'll admit, progress has been small as of late though. (life gets in the way, and my mind wanders sometimes)
    White Crystal is just going to be Crystal, but with Gen 5 Pokémon.
    But, I'll also be doing a "Black Crystal" alongside it, which will include Unova Gym Leaders/Rivals/Team Plasma, and extra locations for Legendaries/Event Pokemon.
    Nothing fancy. Just Google Translate. But my English skills are advanced since I make translations both written and verbally for living. I double or triple check the translation after Google Translate does its wonders.
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